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The newest design from Boxes in Action has swung into reality and it’s Amazing. And Spectacular. The Central Park Sidekick Comic Storage Box is an automatic must-have for the Spidey fan, whether that’d be you or a fan on your holiday shopping list. Combine the Central Park Box with the already popular Shutterbug Short Box and you have a superhero duo that even Aunt May would be proud of for sure. We’ve talked about BIA before and have seen their collection grow and grow with more designs like the Jay and Silent Bob box, a Transformers-inspired 2-box set, along with a box inspired by The Walking Dead!

The Central Park box is a joint collaboration with artist Jason Meents whose “Tyke” artwork immediately won us over. We’ve seen Meents’ work previously and love the fact that now we can get the best of both worlds of collectible storage and artwork. Storage capability for this box is up to 100 comic books but like we’ve mentioned before, the use of the boxes go much further than just for storing comics if you want. Use them for whatever collectibles you want to keep safe or build your own wall of these super vivid and colorful storage boxes!


Inspiration for the boxes that BIA and Meents have chosen to include are fantastic! The lovable tiny pair of Peter Parker and Mary Jane are not the only ones enjoying a day in the park. Adorable little incarnations of Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen) and Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man) adorn the sides of the box as well! The added bonus having fan favs Gwen and Miles were a homerun for us. As super fans of things in the Wall Crawler’s universe, we can only hope to see more more like the Central Park box!



Founded in 2011 by Chris Wall, Boxes in Action has been going strong since day one. They’ve maintained a brilliant collection of storage boxes and have maintained them with design elements inspired from Transformers, The Incredible Hulk, The Joker, The Walking Dead and more!

Their mission: “It’s time…..to think outside the box!”

While Texas residents can find Boxes in Action at many of their local comic shops, anyone can can visit the Boxes in Action official website for more information. Additionally, you can also catch BIA at comic cons around the country where their presence brings several designs from their collection. To keep up with their latest news on where they’ll be next, designs and more, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even order boxes right there on their Facebook page.  Just look for the “SHOP NOW” button on the right side of the page, under their cover photo.

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