Channing Tatum May Fold His Cards for ‘Gambit’

20th Century Fox may need to reshuffle the deck for their upcoming movie – Gambit. Recent, yet unofficial, claims say that the film is in danger of losing lead actor Channing Tatum. This is pretty wild since Tatum has been the film’s biggest hype man. Early reports have shown Channing to have been super excited to join Gambit and to see it get made. Fans on the other hand, were not super enthused but more seem to have come around since pieces of information have trickled in. Not to mention seeing the actor walk on stage recently at Fox’s insane panel of heroes at San Diego Comic-Con had fans go nuts to say the least.

A report from The Wrap says the following:

Channing Tatum’s “Gambit” deal is in jeopardy of falling apart and he is planning to exit the comic book project at 20th Century Fox, [says] an individual with knowledge of the situation.

Gambit - Channing Tatum

Again we stress that this is unofficial since Tatum’s camp as well as the studio hasn’t commented yet. I can’t help but say again that it really does seem crazy that he would just back out all of the sudden. If he does leave, there’s a chance he may stay on in a producing capacity. But come on – that’s not the same! The same report from The Wrap also mentions that an individual close to the project says “Tatum’s reps are still in active discussions with the studio but acknowledged that ‘something is up’.” Hmmm. I wonder. Is it a money grab? Is he wanting to focus less on Gambit and more on another project like The Wrap speculates? If he leaves, who would director Rupert Wyatt get to replace him? Yeah…I don’t like this one Gam-bit.

Come on C-Tates. Don’t do this to us.

Gambit - Channing Tatum - comics

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