Charitybuzz – Top 7 Celebrities You’d Pay to Meet

A friend of mine send me a link yesterday that I just couldn’t ignore –  It quickly spread around the office and everyone was buzzing about the listings so I thought “NerdFu readers would love this too.”

Charitybuzz gives you, the fans, a chance to live out your dreams and make a difference through incredible online charity auctions.  It’s as simple as this, a celebrity offers up their time (or goods) and people bid to win that time with them.  Whether it’s chilling on the set with Ben Affleck on his newest movie or filming with Spider-Man (as an extra), the site has a little bit of everything for fans, assuming those fans have some serious disposable income.

What REALLY makes Charitybuzz interesting is the listings.  You can take a trip to the link or just check out my top 10 favorite listings right here:

** The current bids below were copied at the time this article was written, they will probably be different when you visit the actual auction site.

Ben Affleck Ben Affleck – Meet Ben on the set of his next film

current bid: $7,500






Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler – 2 Tickets to a Taping of Chelsea Lately in LA and Meet Chelsea Handler after the show

current bid: $650





Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro – Meet Robert DeNiro at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC

current bid: $2,250





Alec Baldwin – Meet Alec Baldwin backstage at Orphans on BroadwayAlec Baldwin

current bid: $2,000






Spider ManSpider-Man – Be an extra in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and meet the producer and stars on May 25 in NYC

current bid: $3,500






William ShatnerWilliam Shatner – Join Shatner at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show on April 26, 2014

current bid: $1,100






Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen – Enjoy a walk-on role in the FX Series Anger Management, starring Charlie Sheen, in LA

current bid: $1,100



And, there are hundreds of others on the Charitybuzz site.  I mean, what would you pay to meet your favorite celebrity?  Who knows who or what they will add next.  I’ll be watching and waiting for that Jennifer Love Hewitt meet & greet.

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  1. rebecca shockley

    For sure Deniro, but I would also like to meet Tatum Channing, Tom Hardy, Gerald Butler. I really hope to meet them one day!

    • I think you might have the Lady Trifecta there with Tatum/Hardy/Butler, but I wouldn’t mind meeting them myself. All those guys are pretty awesome! Good call Rebecca!

    • Y tanto que has ganado con el cambio, muxaxa!!! Si es que se trabaja más agusto y mejor cuando todo a tu alrededor tiene orden y cocenirto… donde va a parar!! 😀

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