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It’s that time of year again.  Thousands upon thousands of fans are turning to the internet to get the latest news on San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and finding that there’s an endless supply of websites, twitter handles, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc offering up their expertise.

  • Who should you listen to?
  • Who should you follow?
  • When should you check for more information?

These questions are just the beginning of a LONG list for any con-goer, but especially for first-timers making their way to SDCC.


Never fear folks – we are here to decode the madness and give you our list of who to follow for your Comic-Con news and information.  These are the resources that we have used for the last 4 years and they have proven themselves time and time again.

Each of these groups/individuals offers up something different and all are important so, to be fair, we have listed them in alphabetical order.

Crazy4ComicCon - Tony B Kim

(Tony B Kim)

On the Web:
Twitter: @Crazy4ComicCon
Other: YouTube – check out Tony’s SDCC Survival Guide series

Focus/Specialty: Tony provides first timers with news, tips, and advice to craft the very best experience!  He’s been going to cons for many years and he knows the ins-and-outs.  Got a question – send it to Tony on Twitter or email him.  He is always happy to help.


An Englishman In San Diego - Leonard Sultana

An Englishman in San Diego
(Leonard Sultana)

On the Web:
Twitter: @EnglishmanSDCC
Other: Google+ and YouTube

Focus/Specialty: Leonard’s weekly “A Cup O’ Tea” Google Hangouts, often featuring special guests, are a great way to learn about SDCC news and you can ask questions during the live recording.  Sundays – 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm


GB Reviews - Violet and JoshuaGB Reviews
(Violet & Joshua)

On the Web:
Twitter: @GB_Reviews
Other: Google+

Focus/Specialty: This husband and wife team attends a lot of conventions and they do a great job of reporting on the panels.  Their he said/she said approach for reviews is awesome & they like to do giveaways, in case you are in to swag.


The Nerdy Girlie - Megan Gotch

The Nerdy Girlie
(Megan Gotch)

On the Web:
Twitter: @TheNerdyGirlie
Other: Google+

Focus/Specialty: Megan has an awesome series on her blog called “Everyday Cosplay” that is perfect for anyone looking to get into cosplay.  She attends a LOT of conventions and has an entire section of her website full of articles and guides for SDCC.


Parks and Cons - Shawn & Carmelle

Parks and Cons
(Shawn & Carmelle)

On the Web:
Twitter: @ParksandCons
Other: YouTube

Focus/Specialty: If you’ve ever had a question about any part of SDCC, Shawn has a video for it.  His SDCC videos have thousands and thousands of views and are super-helpful for anyone, experienced or not.


SDCC Unofficial BlogThe SDCC Unofficial Blog
(Kerry, James, Ben & the team)

On the Web:
Twitter: @SD_Comic_Con
Other: YouTube

Focus/Specialty: News, news, news. The team is constantly researching and sharing news about SDCC.  They have a series of really helpful guides and they record a weekly SDConCast LIVE that is also published to YouTube & iTunes (as a podcast).  Look out for new episodes on Tuesday nights.


And, of course, there is the Nerd Fu! We love to share information about SDCC on our website and all of our social channels (especially Twitter).  Our focus is usually on the Funko exclusive reveals leading up to Comic-Con and then we like to share general news that we find interesting.


Do you have a Comic-Con news resource that you love?  Please share in the comments below so that everyone benefits.  We’re all here to help each other.


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