Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway – 2016

Alert! Alert! This is not a drill!! It is convention season and you NEED the proper gear to survive.

For the last two years, we’ve held our Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway and now we are back with a third installment. Whether you are headed to San Diego Comic-Con, a local convention or just looking for some new gear, we’ve got the Survival Pack for you.

Thanks to our partners Mimoco and Seagate, we’ve pulled together an amazing prize pack full of necessities to keep you safe, powered and entertained all con long.

Enter now, refer your friends and tweet daily to increase your chances of winning!

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What exactly will that one lucky winner receive? Here’s a list of the comic con survival gear included in the prize pack:

From Mimoco

  • (1) PlayOn MimoPowerDeck – Portable Backup Battery
  • (1) R2-D2 MIMOBOT – USB Flash Drive

From Seagate

  • (1) 1 TB Backup Plus Portable Slim
    *Color of drive delivered to winner might be different from what is pictured

From Nerd Fu

  • (1) ful Laptop Sling Bag with on-board 3,000mAh battery

+ The winner will also receive a variety of “necessities” to get them through the convention

  • Britta Water Bottle with Filter
  • Wet Ones – Antibacterial Wipes
  • Sunscreen – SPF 30
  • 3-Pack of BIC Permanent Metallic Markers
  • Altoids
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Travel Febreze
  • Listerine Cool Mint Pocketmist



We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there WILL be some extra entries just for subscribers (Newsletter sent out each Friday)
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen
  • Periscope – we live stream shows at least once a week and we might give you extra chances to win, just for watching

Good luck everyone!

The Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, age 16 or over.

About Sully

Co-founder of Nerd Fu. TV and TiVo fanatic, movie buff, collector of Pop!'s, part-time gamer.

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  1. Entered to win. No one else needs to enter because I plan on winning. Good luck everyone.

  2. If i had to add something, i’d add some redbull!

    • Right?! Sleeping is a luxury we can’t afford when there is so much awesome stuff to see out there. Red bull or (for me) Monster would be great. They really need someone selling those in line.

  3. Heather Meleski

    A small deodorant would be nice and/or some pain reliever of some sort. Long days in the sun or even longer nights out may call for either! ; )

    • Both are great ideas. You are so right about the sun. That Con smell can get potent if people don’t take care of themselves out there. Thanks for the ideas.

      • You ever been tempted to carry a spray deodorant for those who think of bathing not as a necessity but a suggestion? Do a run by deodorizing.

      • I always carry Burts Bees face wipes. Not as good as a shower, but can definitely be used in a pinch to clean yourself up.

  4. Oh my. Look at all those juicy prizes!

  5. yes please!!!

  6. Tylenol is a must. Nothing worse than being stuck in a line with a headache.

  7. My kids would love this. The only think that would make it better is actual Comic Con tickets. We are a NerdFu family. Thanks for this opportunity to win this awesome prize pack #NerdFu #Seagate #MIMOCO

    • That would be awesome. Maybe one day the folks at SDCC will give us the chance to do something like that. You are quite welcome and good luck to ya!! #NerdsUnite

  8. This pack is amazing!!! Only thing I would add is some healthy snacks it’s easy to forget to eat and end up paying too much for aweful Convention Center food!!! And maybe Band-Aids just in case!

  9. I would add Norman Reedus to this prize package! LOL

  10. One thing that could make this even better would be a Hall H Fast Pass 🙂

  11. Entered to win! Where’s the Pip-Boy?! That is a MUST in the pack!

  12. Pretty much everything you need is in there <3

  13. Always love the giveaways from you guys! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. You need to add some lip balm to that pack. Most cons are held in a very dry environment and lips need the moisture. Just saying.

  15. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    I would have to say adding a travel deodorant and a travel unisex perfume would complete it, unless you add some exclusive vouchers from the booths there that would be great.

  16. Cool prize pack! I would add a variety pack of Kind bars to keep the blood sugar levels up or a comfy pad for sitting while waiting on queue (my reasonable choices), or a decent digital camera for getting good pics of all the cosplay (my pie-in-the-sky choice :’)

  17. Corgi Kohmander

    You guys always giveaway the most amazing prize packs. If it helps I can just pick it so you can save on shipping

  18. I would add various medicines and snacks.

  19. Band-Aids for blisters!

  20. I would add some sort of snack because in all the excitement I know I tend to forget to eat, or not get a chance to for quite a while, so snacks are a must.

  21. I need this!

  22. I’d add some Ectocooler of course!!! lol

  23. I would add one of those little fold up chairs that you can perch on and peppermint cream to ease the pain in your aching feet

  24. I would add insoles for shoes to keep the feet comfy. All day on your feet!

  25. I would add a binder with page protectors to hold your signed comics and photos to keep them from getting damaged in the cried!

  26. Michelle A McKeever

    This is an awesome giveaway!

  27. I would put in a couple of the comic-con exclusive pops

  28. Since I’ve never been to a con of any sort, I think you should include a what to do/what to see hit list of all the best things.

  29. Can’t wait for SDCC!

  30. Would be soo cool to win but I’m sure I won’t soo all u people hoping I won’t will get ur way would be real cool though

  31. I’d add a granola bar or other snack items to keep the blood sugar up. =D

  32. A cool travel size first aide kit! You do not want to miss something because you got something like a dang paper cut and had to go find a bandage.. Then to turn around and have it be bland… At a convention. No. Plus blood on memorabilia is a big no no.

  33. chapstick or hand lotion!

  34. I’d add snacks and some Comic Con Exclusive Pops.

  35. Michael A. Foster II

    All we are missing is fuel for the body; a pack of granola bars or a bag of mixed trail mix would be perfect to survive the con. Especially if an hamburger is priced above $10 – nobody can survive in such harsh environments.

    • You are so right. We actually hit up Ralph’s there in San Diego on our first day and stock up on groceries. I’ve always got a couple PB&J’s on me. No time or $$ for that expensive con food.

  36. I need something like this to survive my first ever adventure at SDCC. Oh boy, still can’t believe that I’m going there, even if it’s for 2 jam packed days. Thanks again for doing this giveaway!

    • First timer!! Welcome to the SDCC group and congrats. You are going to have a blast!! Good luck with the giveaway and we hope you have the best time EVER!!!

  37. I was wondering if you guys were going to do this again this year! 🙂 Maybe add some snacks??

  38. Awesome giveaway as usual from you guys!

  39. Add a 3DS with Pokemon Sun or Moon

  40. The pack is pretty good as a starter for Comic Con. Good job, guys!

  41. Energy Drinks and Chips!

  42. This pack is really good. To make even better, add a second 3,000mAh battery because we all know the more battery charging stations we have during Cons the better!

  43. Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  44. Michelle Mixson

    I love the contests and if I do attend Comic Con I must have the

  45. A multitool of some sort, a la a Wallet Monkey. Never a bad idea to be prepared for emergency life hacks.

  46. Jessica Galicia

    I would say adding sunglasses is a good idea for those waiting in line when the sun is out.

  47. Need to add some energy snacks, jerky, or similar

    • Funny you mention that. We tried to get Jerky XP to get us a little something for this. Who knows, maybe they’ll decide to add a little something.

  48. Maybe just some chips. Great prize pack! Way to go guys!

  49. Awesome giveaway, and one I would use on a daily basis.

  50. I hope that I win. Good luck to everyone!

  51. I’d add a small notepad to that already awesome lineup. Sometimes I like to make small lists, so that would come in handy and save me from using my phone.

    • Smart idea and you art right about using your phone. Even with all the battery backups in the world, that battery life is still something you don’t want to risk.

  52. More cool stuff

  53. You forgot the adult diapers. No need to visit the bathrooms!

  54. a case of travel size Right Guard and some nose plugs.

  55. I would add a Perky Jerky and Tillamook beef jerky and beef stick assortment, and a pair of ear plugs. The beef jerky and beef sticks are a great tasting snack, and a good source of protein, while keeping my energy level up! The ear plugs would be to minimize the noisy from people begging for some of my beef jerky and beef sticks. 😉

  56. I dont really know what I would add other than some snacks, deodorant and maybe a big neon flag with a logo so that your friends can spot you in a crowd hahah.

  57. Super Moleskin Padding

  58. Great giveaway! Definitely something snacky… jerky… a 9 ft long strip of giraffe jerky

  59. Wish I was closer. I’m on the wrong coast. This is a great substitute though.

  60. This could come in very handy at GenCon in August! Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. I would add a Towel

  62. Glide. It prevents chafing.

  63. This would really come in handy.

  64. Would love to win

  65. I want all these. PrizesbI want to win!!!!!!!

  66. I’d add beef jerky 😀

  67. Awesome giveaway as usual! I would add nothing to it, good luck to everyone

  68. Honestly I’d love to see some snacks added to this bad boy! Granola bars. Check.

  69. lol i would add a DS ;D since sometimes the line wait is long for stuff might as well be entertained

  70. When I saw this, I was Oh My Gosh Dropped my Taco. Could not believe this prize. Everyone who helped out on this is amazing.

  71. Nice giveaway

  72. A Tide stain-stick would be an awesome addition! 😀

  73. patricia delgado

    I’d bring a small pillow/cushion for sitting on

  74. I know this will sound strange, but a new pair of socks. All that walking leads to distressed feet, but I understand carrying around a foot bath/massager might not be the best. Sometimes a fresh pair of socks feels great.

  75. This would be better with a portable charger!!

  76. Jeremy Ottinger

    Pretty good as it is, but maybe like a gift card for food? That would be useful.

  77. A sketchbook to collect awesome sketches!

  78. Deodorant? It’s important.

  79. I would recommend a stick of deodorant – too many people in large gatherings seem to forget theirs. 🙂

  80. Awesome survival pack! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be passed out on Monday

  81. I would add Red Bull.

  82. I’d add Advil and earbuds!

  83. Prepaid visa card!

  84. I would add Free Comic Con passes ;D

  85. Entered to winning would love to go to SDCC one year

  86. I could use sunscreen. I burn even while inside

  87. Bernie Lambrecht

    I would add a digital camera and memory card to store all those fantastic ComicCon memories. And some Cliff energy bars.

  88. I would add a cosplay repair kit.

  89. Entered! If I had to make it better, I’d add in a hearty snack like crackers or pretzels. mmm…pretzels….

  90. The one thing this kit needs is passes to the San Diego ComicCon! I haven’t been since 1981!

  91. Thanks for the golden opportunity! I would love to win!

  92. This kit needs a camera for all the awesome con pics

  93. Let’s see what to add what to add… So here are some options to add cause who doesn’t love options lol. Travel size deodorant to keep the pits at bay, or some yummy Jerky cause snake are always needed to prevent hangray nerd fu’s, or some peppermint lotion for a refreshing revival of your hands and feet or my favorite because I’m a organized nerd is a small business card binder so you can keep up will all the fantabolous booths!!!

    You guys rock!!

  94. This is already a pretty well thought out bag. I would probably add some pain reliever for headaches & such, granola bars, and like a maybe a cool lanyard/badge holder.

  95. I would maybe add 5 hour energy, some pain reliever, granola bars

  96. With a family of nerds I would like to see something I can share with my minions. Something like stickers or patches or even some character cards of some type.

  97. A portable light weight fold up chair, for the long lines…

  98. Could always use a wad of cash!

  99. An air horn

  100. This is sooooo amazing. I am over the moon thrilled by this opportunity. I would die if I won!!!!!!

  101. Damn near perfect survival pack.Only thing missing:A mixtape!Starlord style 😉 Thank you so much for the opportunity
    #Mimoco #Seagate #ComicCon

  102. I would add Full Throttle Citrus energy drink definitely!

  103. Clif bars would be a nice addition.

  104. LOL all of us will lose but if i can add something it could be my Indominus Rex figure so when i meet cosplayers or artists or someone famous i’ll ask them to take a picture of it

  105. hand lotion and tylenol

  106. This is an awesome giveaway! Such a great bundle for SDCC.

  107. The pack definitely needs a miniature phone fan of some sort.

  108. Count me in for this awesome giveaway. Good luck fellow entrants!

  109. Hmmm if I was to add one thing? A rockin pair of sunglasses for that San Diego sun!

  110. Brenda Guardado

    Hand held fan to cool off or a hat. Either way you can’t go wrong. Let the force be with you.

  111. Anything star wars! Thanks for the chance

  112. I’d add a prepaid Visa gift card to purchase food and drinks while there!

  113. All of these accessories but no computer to plug them into.

  114. I love all the awesome giveaways. I just hope I can finally win one.

  115. pillow for hall h line

  116. For those of us that cosplay, maybe add a mini-sewing kit? …or duct tape, cause you can always use duct tape.

  117. If I had to add something it would definitely be deodorant.

  118. Entered! Great idea.

  119. You never know when you might need a survival kit

  120. I’d love to win this. I enter every year, but no such luck! I’m hoping this is my year.

    The only thing that you guys can add to this would be so really comfortable walking shoes!

  121. Thanks for the chance.

  122. Entered! I think a nice soft cushion to save your butt in the long hours of waiting for panels and goodies would be an excellent addition.

  123. Thanks so much! I would add in a flux capacitor!

  124. Nice giveaway

  125. awesome giveaway! the only thing i would add is a travel pack of glasses wipes. that’s a necessity for conventions

  126. I entered! I would add a time machine so that I don’t have to wait until July!

  127. I could use a new convention bag.

  128. Melinda Navarro

    A camera to take pictures of all the awesome things at the convention

  129. I’d definitely add some kind of snack- like Nature Valley has some good snack/cereal bars that’ll help with blood sugar and hunger until a convention-goer gets to a more balanced meal.

  130. I hope to win because this is my favorite event of the year and I want to be prepared lol!

  131. Looks like you all have thought of everything! Would love to win this prize pack!

  132. I would add some non-perishable food items.

  133. Energy drink!
    Funko pop
    Food cupons/snacks
    spending money
    T-shirt (I mean really)

    Or alternatively space blanket and pillow because there will be people sleeping downtown.

  134. I need a pair of mega-cool shades to complete the look! #highfashion

  135. Thanks for the contest, I would love to have a Nerdfu Beanie – Winter is coming!

  136. Jonathan Corpuz

    You need to add a quick folding mini chair/stool for all the line waiting you’ll be doing #SDCC

  137. A free pass to Preview Night would be the perfect addition!

  138. I would add a USB key !

  139. Awesome pack! Definitely would be helpful at the handful of cons I go to each year!

    Good luck all!

  140. I’d add a gift card or some graphic novels of the winner’s choosing.

  141. Probably should add a sharpie and notebook for all those signatures you may or may not be able to get.

  142. This survival pack could use a Game Boy for the perilous journey of line waiting.

  143. A foldable stool to sit on would be cool

  144. Include deodorant!!!

  145. a mini fan when the heat is just unbearable

  146. Michael Hockenson Jr

    Another great giveaway guys! I’ve never had a chance to get to SDCC or any Comic Con but I have been to 1 Star Wars Convention. One day I’ll make to SDCC and if I do the one thing I would add to a pack like this would be a small towel to wipe the sweat off. I had one at Star Wars CVI and it was used very often.

  147. I would love to see maybe a figurine or maybe a pin in this survival kit, or a lanyard!

  148. I love watching you guys on Periscope 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome Con Bag 🙂 Great giveaway!!

  149. Rebecca Rodriguez

    A new memory card.

  150. I needed this.gimmie

  151. What about shoe inserts? Help those long days of walking around feel like you’re walking on air lol. 🙂

  152. Mini first aid kits are a must. You never know what will happen.

  153. Snacks… You Can Never Have Enough Snacks!

  154. Entered to win. By the Choas of Crom let me win!

  155. A t-shirt would be fun!

  156. Michael Howell

    I would add some sunglasses for when you’re travelling outside

  157. So many great giveaways from you guys! Thanks

  158. Stay hydrated and clean. Very important.

  159. This is an awesome giveaway!

  160. Awesome!! This years survival pack is bigger and better!! I was the fortunate winner of the 2014 survival pack and that bag has followed be to various local cons, vacations, and just all kinds of outings. The one thing i would add would be some sort of snack bag. Im always hungry and having a snckie snack at the ready is a life saver. That backup battery looks amazing!! Good luck to all.

  161. This is awesome! I’d probably add a blank notebook to go along with the markers, maybe one for autographs?

  162. Rodney A Wilder

    Y’all have the bases covered with this one! Still, I’d add a travel-size deodorant. By far the most needed (and surprisingly-forgone) thing for any convention.

  163. Lets add some survival snacks, like some kettle corn

  164. Add some Pringles 🙂

  165. Nicholas Garrett

    I would add Gold Bond for all that walking. Chafed legs are terrible!

  166. Not sure what more to add.All looks great to win!!

  167. I would add some really cool Ray Ban shades to deal with standing in the sun all day in line and an awesome Tablet to occupy the time.

  168. Karen Origer-Greco

    I would add lip balm. I can’t go anywhere without it.

  169. I ALWAYS bring a poster tube with me, so it’s definitely part of my “survival pack”.

  170. Kimberly Connell

    Energy Drinks!!

  171. I think a mini first aid kit, lip balm, or even a travel umbrella (for shade!) would be great additions. (Or a towel. You can never go wrong with a towel. 😉 )

  172. Tammi Ishibashi

    If I were to add something I would add a travel sized bottle of Advil, for my body starts to hurt after standing all day and carrying around all of my stuff.

  173. The survival pack giveaway looks awesome!

  174. candy bars & maybe even a free pair of tickets? hah maybe just the candy bars & deodorant

  175. Something with caffeine in it, Mio energy, red bull, caffeine tablets, 5 hour energy, etc.

  176. Can’t hurt to throw in some Funko Pop!s

  177. Everything looks great :’D
    Would add a pocket deodorant in case I’d forget mine hahaha

  178. The prize pack looks awesome! I think it would be sweet to add one or two of those cooling headbands, it would be even cooler if they had a neat design printed on them!! Gotta stay fresh in the summer sun!

  179. You should add some ENERGEMS. Delicious energy candy!

  180. Hoping to win the backpack!

  181. Super excited about this for SDCC!

  182. I think the ultimate addition to the survival pack would be a front of the line pass for hall H. Just saying… Dare to dream!

  183. Maps would be a good addition. Showing food/water/medical locations.

  184. Theresa Duncan

    This is the Ultimate Survival Pack……..even down to the minor details, you all thought of everything!! It’s by far the coolest Survival Pack I have ever seen!! If I had to pick something to add to the Survival Pack, it would be Packets Of Trail Mix to add protein from the nuts, sugar from the M&M’S or dried fruit. That way people would have a quick healthy snack that will balance their diet and maintain their blood sugar!!

  185. This is a great survival pack!
    I’d add a t-shirt for those occasions when one comes in handy.

  186. What a cool thing!
    I am looking to win now!

  187. I’d include some trail mix or an energy bar. It’s never fun when you or your s/o gets hangry.

  188. I would add some kind of drink mix to add to water to flavor it. That way it would taste better.

  189. Taylor Underwood

    I’d like to add a front of the line pass to Hall H to this package.

  190. I would add some m&m’s

  191. During con season, I needs to have all my energy to explore the whole convention. I’d include some powerbars or cliff bars, but some may be allergic. So I would say some emergen c packets. Those things are awesome. Crack 1 open,mix in a water bottle or any beverage…any “beverage” & drink up. Helps to keep you from catching a getting sick during and after the con is over. Great giveaway. Thanks Fu-ers

  192. Energy Drink !

  193. Portable charger for your cell phone, tablet or camera battery

  194. Some sort of healthy snack would be nice!

  195. I would love to see a healthy snack of some sort in it!

  196. This would be amazing to win

  197. Awesome set of prizes, thanks for the chance!

  198. must haz this!!!1!

  199. Would love to win this prize. Being stuck out in Hall H lines is a killer

  200. I’d add a SDCC exclusive pop!

  201. Entered! Awesome giveaway!

  202. if i could add something i would probably add one of those extra battery “power banks” for your phone.

  203. I would add some trail mix and deodorant because you often forget to eat and you should smell fresh.

  204. Adding some exclusive Funkos from SDCC would make the pack all the better.

  205. I hope I win! :))

  206. Perhaps a digital camera with video capability

  207. This is me leaving a comment.

  208. I would add a hat to the giveaway

  209. I would add some money to buy stuff hehe 😛

  210. Super useful stuff! I’d add Colgate Wisps, those tiny, disposable, portable toothbrushes for on-the-go use.

  211. Backpack would be great!

  212. If I had to add something I would add a travel / mini first aid kit that also included Tylenol or something because you never know! Also granola bars.

  213. Neal Heatherly

    I’d add cold hard cash.

  214. Actual pass to either next years Comic Con in either San Diego OR New York.

  215. I’d add a journal/scrap book, something small enough to add lil souvenirs to so they don’t get lost in your bag.

  216. something with caffeine!

  217. In the future could you please use Gleam instead of Rafflecopter? It’s so much easier, especially for daily tasks like tweeting.

    Rafflecopter = click to tweet, click button to actually tweet, click to post, click on view it now QUICKLY before the window closes, click ellipse, click copy link to tweet, C&P back into Rafflecopter, submit.

    Gleam = Click to tweet. DONE. that’s it.

  218. definitely needs a mini first aid kit and a sewing kit just in case of accidents

  219. Reusable water bottle

  220. Alicia Rodriguez

    Everything seems pretty cool already. Not sure what else to add to it. Maybe a water proof bag to store some stuff in case you are on a boat or going swimming.

  221. This survival pack is perfect for SDCC! Fingers crossed!

  222. Probably add a small stick of deodorant and/or a can of redbull with a snickers bar.

  223. My favorite con item is my little foldable chair. It isn’t too heavy, folds flat, and goes right into my backpack. While it definitely isn’t a comfy reclining chair, it does break up the standing/sitting on the ground game. I would also include deodorant (even if to just to donate to someone else, hehe), a granola/candy bar, and advil/tylenol. I’m loving the Febreeze you added, how much judgment would there be if I walked the Con floor just spritzing in front of me? 😉 Oh I totally forgot that I usually add energy jelly beans (made for runners) to my kit for a burst of energy in an emergency.

  224. Massager!

  225. I would add a spot to strap a poster tube to the backpack!

  226. Good Luck everyone. I hope I win lol

  227. I believe if we could add the Wolverine action figure or a Wolverine Bobblehead, this pack and the giveaway would become pretty amazing.

  228. I’d add extra strength deodorant and soap

  229. Add an exclusive Funko Pop… you know… like everyone else has for SDCC. Haha. 🙂

  230. I’d add a pen and a pad of Post-It notes. You never know when you need to write down something on paper.

  231. One thing missing is a brand new Batman Edition Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! I’m gonna need an amazing phone with an amazing camera to take pics!

  232. an autograph book or comic/photo sleeves

  233. Garelyn Williams

    solar waterproof speaker

  234. A GroPro to record it all in 4K glory

  235. Isaiah Clements

    I would add a small notebook for autographs and or a a disposable camera

  236. How about a mini digital or disposable camera, deodorant, and autograph notebook?

  237. Awesome Giveaway!! I really need this I never win anything.

  238. Another item that might be nice are the Colgate Wisp, on the go tooth brushes. Perfect thing after sleeping in line for Hall H.

  239. It’s my first time going to SDCC, I don’t know what else I would need. This survival pack is al ready pretty great. Maybe some snacks.

  240. James Schiaffino

    I think a notebook would be cool. I love the backpack. 🙂

  241. You can’t survive comic-con without a good pair of sneakers.

  242. I would add a Batman Money Clip to the bag to hold all the money you’ll spend at Comic Con. Just be sure not to lose the clip after all the money is gone from all the awesome stuff!

  243. Condoms…even nerds get lucky.

  244. Add a smorgasbord of mini bottles of booze! 😛

  245. i honestly dont know what i would add to this great prize pack!

  246. I love the fact you have done this for the past couple of years for SDCC, the items are pretty awesome!

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