Comicpalooza 2013 – The Aftermath

In a little town called Houston, during this past Memorial Day weekend, the massive George R. Brown convention center was taken over by outside forces wielding spandex, pizza slices, elf ears, and digital cameras. These forces flocked to the convention center for a gathering known as Comicpalooza. I know what you’re thinking: “Umm… mean there’s other places for cons besides San Deigo and New York?” You bet your Triforce there is! While it hasn’t been held at the big megaplex for that long and with the growing number of awesome celebrities, panels, artists, and booths… can bet that it will just continue to get better and better. Sully and I were there to capture the sights and sounds of the con…

The Panels

You can bet that when you see names like Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, and Patrick Stewart in attendance that fans will storm the gates. And they did. I would have loved to seen them all but unfortunately was only able to make Michelle and Danny’s panels.

Let me tell you – I can never look at Danny Trejo the same way again. The hardcore tattooed bada$$ was incredibly down to earth and humble. The audience got to hear about what is was like working on various projects like Sons of Anarchy and Machete to him going back to San Quentin prison for production work as a free man to what’s it like for him staying clean and helping others. It hit me while I was sitting there listening to him laugh and reflect – I had really never seen him give an interview, so it  was really intimidating cool getting the chance to know the actor behind the tough guy, especially sitting about six rows away from him.

Michelle Rodriguez. Ohhhhhh Michelle. Let’s pretend we can look past the incredible combination of goofy, sexy, self proclaimed geek, and harda$$. As we’re sitting there eagerly awaiting her to come out (while getting briefed on not to take any pictures whatsoever) in she walks along far side of the room and up onto the stage smiling away and asks “do you guys mind if I take a picture of all of you for Vin?” We went nuts. And that was just the start of her panel! This is one very casual, laid back, and determined actress. Through her giggles and playfulness, she talked about the near-missed opportunity of getting the part of Girlfight, several projects she’s currently writing, and (much to my delight) what it’s like being part of the Fast and the Furious global phenomenon. Michelle won the crowd over even more with her candid manner in which she discussed being a positive female role model in today’s reality TV drenched culture. We can’t wait to see what new breakout roles she tackles next…

Michelle Rodriguez – via Michelle Rodriguez Brazil Facebook page

The Cosplay

While Sully had been getting his cosplay-appetite satiated being at the Ottawa and Dallas cons very recently, we were both looking forward to seeing Houston bring it! Even though there were many that didn’t partake in the dressed up fun, those that did showed some pretty impressive skill. Take a look:

Comicpalooza came to Houston and showed our fair city some awesome Nerd Love! The fans were great, the cosplay was genius, the vendors brought terrific loot, and the panels left smiles on everyone’s faces (and masks and helmets). This event continues to grow and the line gets longer and longer to get in because fans like you and I want to see and experience great cons like just like this one. CP2014 is a long ways off but we’ll be excited to see what they bring to the table when they visit us again next year!

Did you make it out to CP2013? If you did, let us know what your experience was below in the comments =>

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