Comicpalooza 2017 – [ Pre-game]

Even though the Nerd Fu Crew has been running and gunning from two different HQ’s in two different cities for a while now, the team will be brought together to celebrate Comicpalooza 2017! The Houston-based convention in one of the largest in the state of Texas and we couldn’t be more excited! Every year at Comicpalooza things just keep getting better and better as more and more fans gather from all over to come and see how Texas does a comic con!

This year we’re getting visited by some pretty amazing stars from both the big and small screens like Anthony Mackie, Charlie Cox, Felicia Day and Jon Bernthal! Lots of cool panels (including one that we’ll be a part of), vendors, and cosplay will be the focus of this upcoming weekend at the George R. Brown convention center so here’s our plan of attack:


Our tried and true press coverage tactics mean that we’ll be doing our best to keep our fans up-to-date with posts/tweets/and articles of all the amazing panels we’re able to attend, exhibitors we see, and all of the great cosplay we witness.

  •  PANELS – We’ve said before and we’ll say it again – “With great cons, come great panels!” Steve takes great responsibility to share his write-ups and the occasional on-the-go photo of all the great sights and sounds of the celebrity panels. Sharing the news with our fellow fans is one of our most favorite things we take pride in! Some previous convention articles from us include:
  • PHOTOS – Sully is ready and willing to go full Beast Mode with that monster of a camera he always has with him. He’ll snap as much as he can and even try to toss in some of those candid shots which are always fun. We’ll also be on the hunt for any super cool cosplay, celeb sightings or vendor wares while we’re out and about. Speaking of photos, here’s a great shot by Sully of the legendary Keanu Reeves at his John Wick: Chapter 2 panel in NYCC last year:

Comicpalooza 2017 - [ Pre-game]


They say everything’s bigger in Texas….and when you’re talking Comicpalooza in Houston, you’re  exactly right!

  • VENDORS – Looking for something to add to collection back home? Chances are you’ll find it and more on the exhibition floor. We’re excited to see the vendors that will be showcasing their goods and services at con!
  • PANELS – Plenty of amazing guests have gathered fans in the big General Assembly room at the GRB Convention Center and this year is no different! Attendees will have the chance to sit in on panels for stars like Jon Bernthal, Anthony Mackie, Felicia Day and Chuck Norris. Need more awesomesauce than that? How about some members from The Defenders like Charlie Cox, Mike Colter and Finn Jones? Yup, that’s makes us more excited too!
  • PODCAST – The Fu Crew has also graciously accepted an invitation to return once again to a podcasting panel at the convention. On Saturday (May 13th) we’ll join local several Houston podcasters in Room #322D at 4:30 pm for “Podcasting 105: Diversity in Podcasting”. We’ve been part of this podcast series since it started and we’re more than happy to be able to return and share our advice and experiences to podcast novices and veterans alike.


Make you sure you keep it dialed in right here on these Nerd Fu channels and get the Comicpalooza 2017 experience!

  • Twitter (@theNerdFu) – expect a lot of action here, especially during the panels. It’s quick and easy, so we share a lot!
      frequency: 10-20 tweets a day
  • Instagram (@theNerdFu) – we love sharing photos and we can guarantee some original images that won’t be seen elsewhere
      frequency: 5-10 posts a day
  • Facebook (NerdFu) – expect a few posts to show up on your timeline each day and give us a like, comment & share – every interaction helps us out
      frequency: 3-5 posts a day
  • – And (of course) we’ll be pulling together some posts when we have a few seconds free!  Most posts will come a day or two after the panels.  It takes us a little while to catch up.

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