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Ever have a bad experience with a vendor and wish you could tell every single person you meet to stay away from them?  Sure, we’ve all been there a time or two.

Now flip that – if you have an amazing experience with a company, shouldn’t you try and share that with everyone you meet as well? This doesn’t happen as often, but it should.  After all, we speak with our wallets and there is not better praise than good word-of-mouth.

I recently had another great experience with an online retailer and I want to share it with you all!


I’ve purchased Funko Pop! figures from Convention Exclusive before, mostly because they carry the awesome Stan Lee Funko Pop! Exclusive figures, and after receiving a few shipments I started to notice a great pattern.  Every box arrived in great condition and they were packing the Pop!’s with plenty of padding, something that many other retailers fail to do.

Then, the unspeakable happened.  I arrived at my front door last week to find a huge box that had clearly been handled poorly by USPS.  There were signs of stress on the outside of the box (clearly some heavier packages had been stacked on top) and a hole punched through the side of the box.  NOOOO!! That was my shipment of Sam & Dean Metallic exclusives from  I feared the worst and set the box aside.  I didn’t want to see the destruction that surely awaited me inside the package.

Damaged Box - Photo 1 Damaged Box - Photo 2 After waiting a few days and building my courage, I decided to go in.  I opened up the exterior box to find a great surprise – double-boxing! That’s right, there were boxes inside boxes and hope was restored.  I dug further and opened the interior packages to reveal nearly flawless Funko Pop!’s!  Convention Exclusive had done it again.  Their attention to detail and careful consideration of my collectibles led to another amazing transaction.

Double-Boxing - Photo


From the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU Convention Exclusive.  You know how to handle your product and your customers.  I am grateful and I officially give you my Nerd seal of approval.

ABOUT CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE carries a wide variety of collectibles, including:

  • Funko Pop!’s
  • Lego
  • NECA figures
  • Marvel Universe
  • Posters
  • Trading Cards
  • Transformers

Convention Exclusive carries exclusives from conventions like San Diego Comic Con & New York comic Con as well as their own ConventionExclusive exclusive Pop!’s.




DISCLAIMER: Nerd Fu currently receives NO compensation from Convention Exclusive.  We are merely fans following our passion for collectibles.  I spent my own money on the Pop!’s mentioned above.  We received no compensation for this review.

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