Cruise Does It Again with Oblivion

Tom Cruise finds himself not only soaring sky high in his new science thriller Oblivion, but also in box office numbers. Over the weekend, Oblivion has made a $37 million debut and has already passed the flim 42 and now sits at the head of the table. Cruise usually sees those kind of numbers when they follow his movies that have “Mission” in the title but after seeing this movie on Saturday, I can say that the movie rightly deserves it’s number one spot. And now that I’ve seen once, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get the full experience via IMAX either. Who’s with me?

Cruise takes the lead ahead fellow cast members Morgan Freeman (yeah he’s still got it), and semi-newcomers Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough in this futuristic tale. Unlike Cruise’s other sci-fi epic War of the Worlds however, in my opinion this movie starts off a little slow. I found myself getting restless in the beginning but then there’s a moment the film that starts to shake things up a bit and from that moment on I was all in. Moviegoers will be able to detect traces of the movies that director Joseph Kosinski reached out to for inspiration and will really feel them in the middle and towards the end. It was right around the middle of the story when I was hooked for sure. Oblivion really comes alive when we find out just what exactly made the people of Earth leave and more importantly…….where they went.  I won’t give anything away BUT I have to say regarding the ending, I love the familiar twist that the director developed and I never once felt cheated. I sat back in my comfy theater seat and enjoyed the ride and when the end came, I couldn’t help but just smile and nod my head in agreement. It will be interesting to see how Cruise’s latest futuristic romp does when compared to Will Smith’s upcoming post-apocalyptic-science-action-thriller After Earth.



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