Dallas Comic Con 2013 – In case you missed it

Dallas Comic Con, held annually in Dallas since 2002, took place over the weekend at Irving Convention Center and NerdFu was there to enjoy and capture the action.

Leading up to Dallas Comic Con

A week before the convention, Adam Baldwin was added to an already impressive lineup of guests, including his Firefly partner Nathan Fillion. Then on Friday morning, in what many con-goers have simply described as a “Firefly fans should be use to this” moment, news that Nathan Fillion would have to cancel his appearance due to health reasons spread across the internet.

Fans were saddened and took to Twitter to complain and offer their sympathy (all in the same breath), but it didn’t seem to deter anyone from attending the convention. There HAD to be a record number of people there. Lines were long, panels were packed long before the scheduled time and simply walking the show floor was a challenge.

Despite the crowds and Fillionlessness theme of the weekend, Dallas Comic Con was a hit! As I stated above, we were there to capture the action and here’s what we have in store for you.

Dallas Comic Con Panels


One of my favorite parts of comic book conventions is attending the panels, where celebrities from a particular movie, TV show, comic book, game, etc. appear together on stage to talk about their project, their lives and anything else that pops into their head. Attendees are often given the opportunity to get up and ask questions of the celebrities and this usually leads to some pretty funny interactions between fans and stars.

At DCC 2013, there were many panels, but we could only cover a few. If you see a link below, click it to see our photos from the panel.

Fringe (John Noble & Jasika Nicole) – PHOTOS

Brandon Routh (Superman / Chuck)

William Shatner (Star Trek)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Brent Spiner, Levar Burton & Gates McFadden) – PHOTOS

Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Last Ship) – PHOTOS

Stargate SG-1 (Richard Dean Anderson, Tony Amendola)

Dallas Comic Con Autographs and Photo Opportunities


Another great part about these events is the option to meet the celebrities and get autographs and/or photos made with them. The autographs and photos aren’t free (usually) and can get a little pricey for fans (William Shatner was asking for $80 this year) but for those willing to shell out their hard-earned cash, it’s a chance that one might never get otherwise.  I personally paid to get autographs and photos from several of my favorite actors and captured some of my own photos to preserve the moment.

Dallas Comic Con Cosplay


Last, but definitely not least, there are the fans that show up in costume. Only pictures can truly describe how awesome the cosplay is at these events, so I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, but I will say that I am amazed at every single show by the creativity and talent of the fans. At DCC this weekend, we saw everything from an 8 year old Borg queen (who won the junior costume contest) to a full-size Johnny5 (Short Circuit) that could have passed as a real robot.

Take a look at all of our cosplay photos from Dallas Comic Con here: http://thenerdfu.com/dallas-comic-con-2013-cosplay-photos/

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