Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2013 – Guests and Autographs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – attending smaller cons (relative to SDCC) is an awesome way to get a more personal encounter with celebrities from your favorite movies, TV shows, comic books, etc.  Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, held over the weekend (October 4-6, 2013), was no exception.

If you’ve ever wanted to meet one of your favorite actors, get an autograph or even pose for a photo with them, conventions like Dallas Comic Con Fan Days are the way to go.  Opportunities this year included Ron Perlman, John Barrowman, Tom Felton, Robert Patrick, Steven Yeun, Jason David Frank, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Rosenbaum and many, MANY more.

From a fans point of view, I attended FanDays and honed in on a few key autographs that I wanted.  While in line, I also had a chance to snap some photos of some of the other celebrities that were on hand.

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Hellboy himself was there and was an absolute MUST HAVE for my collection.

DallasFanDays - Ron Perlman Hellboy
Ron signing my Hellboy


I’m still working on my Battlestar Galactica autograph poster and these two were my top priority at the show.  They were both the nicest people ever and took time to talk to everyone who stepped up for an autograph. Katee’s smile, in person, is one of the most amazing things ever.


The man is simply amazing. He seemed to enjoy being there as much as his fans and never stopped entertaining the crowd.  I didn’t have enough time to meet him and get an autograph.  Such a shame.  Next time, he is a must!


Gus Fring was just feet away from the BSG stars and seemed to be a pretty amazing guy.  He posed for pictures with fans and even brought props. People got to choose from the bell or the box cutter. #Awesome


Sorry for the quality here, as I couldn’t get in for a good photo, but Steven was a fan favorite and I so wish I could have gotten over to meet him. Again, time and money were an issue.


Harry Potter alum Tom Felton had quite a line going at the show.


Simply amazing – Mr. Daniels came out to visit with fans in line before the show even opened.  He posed for pictures and walked up and down the lines to meet as many people as he could.  Of all the local shows I’ve been to, no celebrity has ever done this.  Well done C-3PO – I’m an even bigger fan now!

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