Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2013 – John Barrowman

Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow, musicals, albums, children’s books…. The list goes on and on for the amazingly talented John Barrowman, who appeared at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days over the weekend.

I can easily say that Barrowman was the most dynamic on stage presence for a panel (just this side of Hiddleston appearing as Loki at SDCC 2013) that I have ever seen.  He never sat down. He never stopped talking. He sang. He told jokes.  All-in-all I am just REALLY happy that I hung around for the Sunday panel at Dallas Fan Days before returning to the Nerd Fu dojo.

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  • At the very beginning of his panel, before he did anything else, John noticed empty seats (in the VIP section) and yelled “Open the doors and let everyone in.”  Nobody from the staff responded so he ran all the way to the back of the audience and did it himself. Many fans that would have been left out got to see his panel from great seats.
  • Apparently, John likes to be naked whenever possible, which seems right in line with his character Captain Jack Harkness.  He talked about several scenes on Torchwood where he would purposely go “full frontal” or just leave some things uncovered to mess with his co-stars and mentioned that their reactions can be seen in the final cuts of some episodes.
  • John and his sister Carole worked together on a children’s book titled Hollow Earth (available now), about twins with extraordinary powers.
  • Doctor Who notes: David Tenant is his favorite doctor.  Unfortunately, John was not asked to be in 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode. 🙁


John Barrowman was recently on the TV series Arrow (as Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer) and Scandal.  During his panel, Barrowman indicated, but didn’t out-right confirm, that we’ll see more of Malcolm Merlyn in the new season of Arrow.

Also, Torchwood will be returning (this time on Starz) sometime in the near future.  Nobody knows when, but during his panel Barrowman also talked about working with Starz and how it was different than the BBC, so it sounds like everything is moving forward.


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  1. so amazing to have seen him in person! he is very energetic and LOVES his fans

  2. No doubt! Amazing guy. Next time, I’m getting his auto for sure.

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