Deadpool 3D Light from 3D Light FX

You’ve probably heard us mention 3D Light FX before or maybe visited their booth at comic conventions. You also might have seen their incredibly cool lights at Target stores across the country. We’ve had a lot of fun working with on them several Nerd Fu giveaways, and have really enjoyed seeing the different fandoms that they have developed lights for fan favorites like Star Wars and Transformers. Now…..hold onto your chimichangas……everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth has made friends with our friends over at 3D Light FX! That’s right, Deadpool is ready to come home with you!

Deadpool joins the line of Marvel 3D Deco Lights and ready for purchase (see below)! Captain America’s shield, Spider-Man’s mask, Iron Man’s Mask and more are available now and ready to light up your very own man cave, living room or secret HQ!  The folks at 3D Light FX were kind enough to let us check out the witty Deadpool for review…..and yes tacos were involved per his request.


Deadpool 3D Light from 3D Light FX

Deadpool 3D Deco Light

As you can see from the video and images, some of the key ingredients of these FANtastic lights are the molds that they are made from. The realism that makes up Wade’s signature mask can be seen and felt when taken out of the package. You really get sense of the attention to detail in the quirks of his face with the subtle eyebrow raise he’s demonstrating. We think he’s probably thinking of the next wisecrack to say.


In the photo below, you can see a sort of behind-the-scenes of a key item that makes this Deadpool light really stand out. The sticker on left side of the image is referred to as the “3D Crack Sticker” and is responsible for making almost all of the 3D lights look so intense! The sticker, which comes inside the package, is a very, very simple peel-and-stick process and if you look closely, you’ll see they made the sticker’s screw placement pretty easy as well. Place the sticker on a flat, smooth surfaced wall and insert the screws in the designated holes and that’s it! Place Mr. Wilson’s head on the screws (sounds cool huh?) and you’re done!

Deadpool 3D Light from 3D Light FX

Make Yours Marvel with 3D Light FX

The Deadpool light is one of a handful of Marvel 3D lights that you’re able to buy now and Wade certainly won’t be the last.  The 3D Light FX web site reveals that a certain Guardian pictured below is on the way! This is an automatic must-have for the collection for sure. Just check out those piercing red eyes that light up!

Deadpool 3D Light from 3D Light FX - Star Lord

Where to Purchase the Deadpool 3D Deco Light

You don’t have to be a red and black spandex-clad, ex-special forces sarcastic assassin to buy a 3D Deco Light. Marvel 3D lights are available now at Target stores and Target(dot)com. Be on the lookout for 3D Light FX at comic book conventions around the country too.  For more information on when and where they will be, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

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