Disney’s Marvel Battlegrounds Lineup In Stores Now

While we still have a little time left to see some of the biggest superheroes choose sides against each other on the big screen, your own battles can happen now! If you’ve been looking for something new to add to your Disney Infinity gaming experience, the wait is over. A recent announcement was made that Marvel Battlegrounds would be hitting store shelves and with it, would bring gamers a new way to play and some familiar faces – Black Panther, Ant-Man, Vision, and black-suit Spider-Man!

The game is out now and comes bundled with an all new Captain America figure! Marvel Battlegrounds features include:

  • Four-player combat and battle in 12 levels across eight epic new arenas
  • Customize your game with up to six Round Marvel Power Discs per match
  • Select Super Heroes and Villains from your entire collection of Marvel characters in Disney Infinity



This brawler-style gaming mode will give you the chance to bring some good ‘ol fighting gameplay but on a larger scale. Fans will be able to play with 28 of their favorite characters while more are on the way!

SuperheroHype sat down and talked with Ryan Rothenberger, Senior Producer of Disney Infinity and Dan Sochan, Senior Producer at United Front Games (Battlegrounds developers) to talk more about the game and it’s mechanics and features. Here are a few of the questions asked and their answers.

SuperheroHype: “How does the four player co-op actually work since there’s only two positions for characters to go on?”

Ryan Rothenberger: That’s a great question. We looked at a bunch of different scenarios about how to make it work. Should we use two bases or what have you, but really we came down to a pretty simple solution which is when you’re playing in Versus Mode, you have a big character selection screen and all the characters stand right out. When you put a character down on the base, they get loaded into memory and then you can take them off the base and use your cursor to select them like you would a normal character selection screen. It was a pretty simple solution and the characters stay loaded in for that entire game session. When you turn the machine off they get wiped.

SHH: “A lot of people online drawing the comparison from Marvel Battlegrounds to one of my favorite games, Power Stone 2. Was that something you guys strived for or was that a happy accident?”

Dan Sochan: That was something that we strive for. It was definitely an inspiration. It was a game that a lot of us had played quite a bit back in the day on the Dreamcast, and what we really liked about it was the fact that it’s 3D. So not that it’s 2D or even 2.5D like some of the other fighting games, which ends up really giving a lot more variety to each of the characters because they’re not trapped in a 2D space. It allows them to showcase their skills and abilities. Flying becomes a lot more important potentially or character’s speed. Exploration of the arenas as well so it’s not just attack or defend, so you’ve got the choice of running around and chasing up power discs like Ryan mentioned, the green capsules which give you health, or the purple capsules that fill your special attack meter. All of those things added a lot of variety to how the strategy and how you’re actually going to battle each other and of course the environmental interactions were a huge part of Power Stone and we wanted it to feel the same in Battlegrounds.

For all the details that Ryan and Dan announced in the interview, you can read more here. In the meantime, we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds.

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