Doctor Who – Gillan and McCoy – Dallas Sci Fi Expo [PHOTOS]

At every con, there is that ONE celebrity that you MUST meet and get an autograph from.  At this year’s Dallas Comic Con Sci Fi Expo, that was certainly Karen Gillan for me.  I’m a big Doctor Who fan and I think the episodes with Amelia Pond were my absolute favorites.  On Day 1 of the con (Saturday) we wasted no time in getting in line for her autograph and we certainly were not going to miss her panel with Sylvester McCoy.

For reasons I will never understand, we were told that there would be “No Photos” of Karen while she was signing, but I was lucky enough to capture a few good shots of Karen as she walked up to the table.  What beauty!

She was very gracious and took the time to make eye contact with everyone who came up.  You could tell she wanted to chat with every fan, but there were so many people in line for her that we were ushered through VERY quickly.

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Shortly after  the signing, Karen appeared with Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor) on stage for a Doctor Who panel.  For two actors who had not worked together, they certainly got along well.  Mr. McCoy was hilarious (just like he was at Space City Comic Con last year) and kept all of us, Karen Gillan included, laughing through the entire panel.

Towards the end of the Q&A section, a young man asked if he could come up and take a selfie with Karen.  She agreed and his expression was simply priceless.  I’d love to see how that photo came out.

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