DORBZ Ridez: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet – Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is months away and we’ll finally get to see more of our favorite DC Comics heroes and villains brought to life on the big screen.  One of the best parts of the trailer, and most anticipated roles in the film, is Wonder Woman (played by the beautiful Gal Gadot).  We’ve been waiting for a Wonder Woman film as long as comic book movies have been a thing.

Here’s a not-so-little something for you Wonder Woman fans.  Whether you’re waiting for the movie, you’ve been a life-long fan of the warrior princess, or you’re just looking to add to your growing collection, this new figure from Funko deserves your attention.


DORBZ Ridez: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

The DORBZ Ridez: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet isn’t officially out until February, but we were lucky enough (thanks to our friends at Entertainment Earth) to get a hands-on review with the new figure early.

What better way to review this amazing new figure than with photos.  We’ve got some high-res pics of the new DORBZ Ride in and out of the box.  Take a look and click on any image for a larger version.


DORBZ Ridez: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Review

I really think the photos tell the story here, but just in case you need more convincing, here are my thoughts:

  1. This thing is HUGE – just look at the comparison photo above.  The Wonder Woman DORBZ is the same size as the regular issue DORBZ, so the jet was built around that.  The box is essentially the same size of 4 Funko Pop!’ boxes combined.
  2. For in-box collectors (like me) – this is an amazing display piece.  The box art is amazing, and it perfectly captures the spirit of Wonder Woman.
  3. This is only the second DORBZ Ridez figure (The Batmobile available now) and I am really impressed with series.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  Maybe the Supernatural Impala or the Fast & Furious Charger?!


WIN the DORBZ: Ridez: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

A big thank you goes out to Entertainment Earth, who sent us this awesome new DORBZ figure to review and, lucky for you, to give away! That’s right, one lucky fan could WIN this figure before it is even released for sale!!

Simply click on the image below to access the entry page and keep an eye out for additional entry options over the next couple of weeks.  Be sure to tweet daily to increase your chances of winning.




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  1. Ragalie Octavian-Paul

    Cool review, Thanks for the chance!

  2. Ragalie Octavian-Paul

    Cool review, Thanks for the chance!

  3. I’d love to win to add this beautiful piece to my dorbz collection. Thank you for giving me a chance to try and win this item.

  4. This is clearly one of the best Dorbz figures I have seen. See what I did there. Ha! My wife and I would love this in display in our home!

  5. This is the cutest Dorbz that I’ve seen. I would love to win it.

  6. What a great review!! I hope I win, because I’m just in love with this figure. Wonder Woman is an amazing super heroine for all the ladies out there, and I’d love to have this one for my collection!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  7. Great in depth review of new product I’d love to win this cause Im also a box collector

  8. Great in depth review I’d love to have this as I am a box collector also

  9. She’s so tiny and adorable but still an ass kicking Amazonian!!!!!!

  10. Love This. Thanks for a Chance to win!!

  11. Wonder Woman has been my favorite since watching Super Friends in the 70’s. This Dorbz with the jet is awesome!

  12. Good review. I really love her and want to win her…I love all things Wonder Woman!!

  13. This is super cute!

  14. this screams buy me

  15. Pretty cool figure. I wonder if they’ll ever put it into the new movies.

  16. My oldest son is a collector, he says it is for his son and daughter, but we all know that game, we did the same when he was little. This would be an awesome piece for my “granddaughter”! Wink, wink.

  17. Aaaah, she’s so wonderful!! I love the Dorbz series so much, and Wonder Woman has always been such an inspiration for me. And she’s so cute here! Gosh, I would love to win her!

  18. Wonder Woman and her jet make an awesome and witty choice for the Dorbz Ridez line!

  19. I would like to win because it is awesome. And awesome. Did I mention it’s awesome?

  20. A baby Lynda Carter!

  21. i want to add this beauty to my collection!

  22. Hoping to win this for my sister!

  23. I seriously can’t believe how cute it is!

  24. This is adorable! Would love to win this to start my Dorbz collection!

  25. They could have made it more invisible, still cool.

  26. Really cute, nice review.

  27. I want to win this to make it my first ride dorbz

  28. My sister is obsessed with Wonder Woman and this would make a great gift!

  29. shelley hopkins-rigg

    Omg..I would FREAK OUT if I won!!

  30. This looks awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. Great review, looks awesome. I’d love to win this because Wonder Woman is my favorite female super hero!

  32. I need her in my life!

  33. I really love this! Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  34. My wife would LOVE this!!

  35. My 6 year old is obsessed with my Dorbs and when she saw this one she lost her ever lovin’ mind over it. If I won I’m thinking this might start her collection. lol

  36. i love it!
    maybe the next can be snoopy house or Millenium Falcon!

  37. I want to win because Wonder Woman is just a “Dorbz!”

  38. This does look like one of the cooler dorbs that they have done. A lot could have gone wrong with the jet but it looks like they got it just right.

  39. I love Wonder Woman and I love dorbz, so this item is a no brainier, even if I don’t win I will probably still buy it, but winning would be an amazing late Christmas gift

  40. This is such a cute depiction of Wonder Woman! I’d love to have her on my desk to look at every day!

  41. Waleska Cezaretti

    She’s so beautiful *-* Love Wonder Woman. I want win.

  42. I would love to win this and it be awesome because wonder woman is my favorite superhero and I wished I owned a lot more of DORBZ

  43. Thanks for the chance wonderwoman has always been one of my favorite super heroes. It would be great to finally get to see her riding around in her invisible jet

  44. First of all, I love Funko Dorbz. Secondly, I love Wonder Woman. Third of all, I love that invisible jet. It’s all awesome:) thank you!!

  45. I would like to win because I’m a big Wonder Woman fan plus it’s so cute!!

  46. This thing is awesome! But I’m not sure how safe it is to fly with your eyes closed!

  47. Really like the look of these more comical Dorbz

  48. Really would be amazing to win this Dorbz. Want to start collecting Dorbz and winning this would start my collection.

  49. I would love to add this to our comic book collection. Wonder woman was the 1st kick butt chick that I had to read about as a kid. She is still my favorite til this day.

  50. Its the frickin invisible plane, whats not to like. I wasn’t a big fan of the dorbz series until the rides started coming out. They’re pretty awesome.

  51. Great review! I like the packaging too. I’m an avid Wonder Woman fan and would love the Dorbz in my collection.

  52. Nice review. But if you are an in-box collector, how did you get the pics of it out of the box? Huh? Huh? Seriously though, this is awesome. I grew up on this show. Man did I hate the nazi’s.

  53. Great review.
    I love the fact that the plane is actually “flying.” This thing is adorable.

  54. This is so awesome! Wonder Woman is one of my favourites and this is sooooooo cute!!!

  55. Sups CUTE!

  56. This is so cute and would love to win to have on my desk 🙂

  57. Awesome Review!

  58. She’s so adorable! But I wonder… does she need invisible fuel for the invisible jet? 😉

  59. My wife needs this in her life!

  60. This is one of the most adorable and cool dorbz I’ve ever seen omg

  61. I would love to win this! I used to dress up as Wonder Woman as a kid on Halloween!

  62. I love this! This is one of the best dorbz I’ve seen, I love the invisible jet too!

  63. Wonder Woman is one of my faves! I would love to win this and I know my daughter would love the “invisible” jet!

  64. Looks way cool. Reminds me of super friends cartoon

  65. Aww ^_^ Its so adorable.

  66. Cannot wait to see WonderWoman on the big screen!!

  67. I like the detail of her golden lasso.

  68. so Awesome !

  69. Hi guys, please choose me, this one will never come to Brazil (probably xD)

  70. I would LOVE to win this Dorbz Ride because it would be my first ride in my collection and what’s a better way to start a collection than with Wonder Woman’s ride!!!

  71. Nice review, I love POP dolls 😀

  72. Love the chance to win.

  73. I feel this review is very nice and understandable.

  74. Very Cool. Looks great.

  75. My 16 yr. old son is a big Wonder Woman fan. In fact he is so excited because yesterday he got his very 1st Wonder Woman figure! He also loves Funko and he’s beginning his collection. He doesn’t have any Dorbz yet, and this Wonder Woman DORBZ: Ridez: Invisible Jet would be the perfect start!
    I’d love to surprise him, especially since we weren’t able to give him much for Christmas due to extreme financial challenges we’re facing, this would be just as much a gift to me if I won it for him! Thank you so much!

  76. Love her! Great review!

  77. Woo! Thanks for a chance to win.

  78. This is so cool. My wife loves wonder woman so I’m trying to win it for her

  79. Just an awesome DORBZ and it comes with an Amazing Invisible Jet Acdessorie!!!

  80. I wanna win because Wonder Woman is GOAT.

  81. This is an extremely impressive figure. I would love to win it!

  82. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN !!! I used to love the old TV show. I love her in the comics and all the DC animated shows of the past and DC Animated movies. And this is by far my favorite Dorbz Ride ! I love the concept of the invisible ride. I want this bad !!! And I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman in the new Batman VS Superman movie !

  83. I want to win so I can give this to my brother who loves all this kind of stuff.

  84. This is an awesome collectable to add to my collection.

  85. I love everything Funko related, but I especially love anything Wonder Woman!!!!

  86. Awsome review…my 13 yr old would LOVE this!!

  87. Avid funko fan, and have yet to get my hands on any dorbz – can’t think of any other character that would be so perfect! Love her design here so much

  88. This is definitely the cutest Dorbz ever!

  89. This by far is the best looking ridez to date…it’s a spot on version.

  90. This is too cute!

  91. I would love to win this to put in my office! It would add some cute character to it!

  92. I want to levitate this next to my agent Colson and Lola

  93. I like all others would love to have this Dorbz as it’s just as adorable and wonderful as the others. I would love to place this collectible along side my other Marvel Toys and Some Mcdonalds Minion. I wish everyone luck for the Giveaway and hope that , the one who wins, needs it more than everyone and even if it’s not us, let’s hope that it made someonehappy. Take care guys and A happy and peaceful New Year to all of you. ^-^

  94. Don’t usually like some of the Dorbz, but this one is great!!

  95. Don’t usually like some of the Dorbz, but I like this one!

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