Emerald City Comicon 2015 – Recap

The Nerd Fu crew followed the Yellow Brick Road all the way out of Houston, Texas and landed in beautiful (and rain free) Seattle this past weekend for Emerald City Comicon! It was the first time we had been to that con and city and we had an amazing time! We didn’t know what we were in for but we knew it was important to finally make the journey and experience the third largest convention in the states.

With neither one of us having been to ECCC before, it was good to get some boots on Ground Zero and see it out through fresh eyes. We were not disappointed. I could write about how I fell in love with the city of Seattle….pretty much as soon as we stepped outside of the airport but I’ll leave that for another time. Let’s just say that Seattle’s air smells and feels different than Houston air – in a good way! There were numerous highlights of the trip that kept us wide-eyed with excitement. There were the awesome panels that we got to sit in on with wonderful celebrity guests like Clark Gregg, Gina Torres, and Patrick Warburton, fantastic vendors like WeLoveFine, Espionage Cosmetics, and GameStop, and of course…..all the cosplay you could point a lens at. I think it’s safe to say we saw some of THE very best cosplay we’ve ever seen at any con. Ever. And speaking of true talent, we were pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming number of artists who were there showing their work for the fans to see. We definitely took the time to grab some of their business cards to keep an eye out for and perhaps to contact later on. We even grabbed a few of the convention exclusive comics by artist J. Scott Campbell and got his autograph! And last but certainly not least, one of the single greatest experiences we’ve had a convention so far, was our journey to Funko’s HQ in Seattle! Talk about Nerdtopia. I almost had to give Sully oxygen. Wrap all of those sights and sounds up and you have the reason why Seattle can be on the lookout for us in 2016.

ECCC 2015 - The Valve Store

ECCC 2015 - Espionage Cosmetics


We had already looked and seen who was going to be at ECCC and we our game plan down. There were some panels we knew we could not miss like Patrick Walburton (The Tick, Family Guy), Orlando Jones (MadTV), Gina Torres (Firefly, Suits), Julie Benz and Charisma Carpenter (Buffy), and Clark Gregg and Chole Bennett (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) – needless to say all those panels were a blast to attend! Theses ladies and gentlemen were super engaging with the crowd and brought some super entertaining stories with them. One of my favorite things about these panels is when the celebrities actually seem like they like to be asked questions by the fans. Unfortunately Steven Yeun had to cancel and we were unable to catch Anthony Mackie and Funko’s panel but there’s always next year right?

Emerald City Comicon 2015 - Patrick Walburton

Emerald City Comicon 2015 - Orlando Jones

Emerald City Comicon - Gina Torres

Emerald City Comicon 2015 - Julie Benz and Charisma Carpenter

Emerald City Comicon 2015 - Clark Gregg

Emerald City Comicon - Chole Bennett


Cosplay is DEFINITELY another favorite part of cons for us. To witness some of the raw talent that walk along the show floor is truly a sight to see. These men and women go to these cons knowing that they will probably be very, very uncomfortable for the entire 6-8 hour day but somehow they still manage to do it. And do it smiling and willing to have their photo taken at that! We applaud these folks and stand in awe of the sheer creative ability. We also attended the infamous ECCC Saturday evening Cosplay Contest that went down.




















We really enjoyed our first trip out to Seattle for Emerald City Comicon. I think it’s a safe bet to say that we’re going to put ECCC on our list of “must attend cons” each year. That list is getting just a little longer and a little longer each year! Oh well, first world problems right? If you’ve been thinking about attending ECCC, whether you’re a local there or you need to take a plane. you won’t be disappointed. There’s plenty see there at the convention, not mention Seattle is wonderful city to visit.

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