Emerald City Comicon 2016 – Pre-Con

Last year, we were lucky enough to attend our very first Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) in Seattle. We had an absolute blast in the city, at the convention and we even got to visit Funko headquarters, which was just an Uber ride away in Everett. The year has absolutely flown by and we’re about to head back to the Emerald City for our second ECCC.

Welcome to Emerald City Comic Con

We’ll be covering the event, and our shenanigans, all week/weekend long and sharing live to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and right here on the blog. Follow along with us starting Wednesday, April 6th (details & links below).



ECCC is the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest!  Held at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle Washington, the convention will run Thursday, March 7th thru Sunday, March 10th.

According to data collected in 2013, ECCC is the 3rd largest convention in the United States (just behind SDCC and New York Comic Con).



For a few months now, ECCC has been sharing announcements about what/who we’ll see at the convention. It looks like another great lineup this year and we can’t wait to see:

Celebrity Guests – Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Jon Bernthal & Elden Henson (Daredevil), Norman Reedus (TWD), Rose McIver & David Anders (iZombie), Lana Parrilla & Sean Maguire (Once Upon a Time), Melissa Benoist & Chyler Leigh (Supergirl), Robbie Amell, Danielle Panabaker & Kenyan Lonsdale (The Flash) and many, many more!

ECCC - 2016 - Celebrity Guests

Special Guests – Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars Rebels), Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks), Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks), Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp!

ECCC - 2016 - Special Guests

Exhibitors – Funko, Mondo, BOOM! Studios, Bungie, Con Quest, Dark Horse Comics, Espionage Cosmetics, Fugitive Toys, Image Comics, Loot Crate, Tee Turtle, The Oatmeal, Things From Another World, Toy Tokyo, Valiant Entertainment & dozens of other awesome exhibitors

Panels – Jon Bernthal Spotlight, Elden Henson Spotlight, James and Oliver Phelps, The Flash with Robbie Amell, Danelle Panabaker & Kenyan Lonsdale, Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoit & Chyler Leigh, Nathan Fillion Spotlight, iZombie‘s Rose McIver & David Anders, The Western Championships of Cosplay, Sean Astin Spotlight

ECCC Exclusives & Swag – What con would be complete without Exclusives & Swag? We research the must-haves long before the con even begins and you can guarantee we’ll be on the hunt for some of these awesome must haves:

  • Funko Exclusives – Funko has 18 new exclusives, including some very limited print runs
  • ECCC Show Exclusives – Shirts, hats, scarves, comic books & more from ReedPOP



We’re really excited about returning to ECCC and we’ll be sharing our adventures all week long. Follow along on any of our social channels or all of them, as we post photos & news from the panels, the show floor, the costume contest and anything else we end up at.

Live coverage of our trip to Emerald City Comicon 2016 (ECCC) begins this Wednesday, April 6th and continue on through the weekend. If you don’t already, please follow Nerd Fu on:



You didn’t think we forgot about you, did ya? We’ll be on the lookout for some awesome items to give away to one lucky follower. Just click the image below to find out more & good luck!


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  1. If you meet Nathan Fillion, tell him I love him….. LOL. And he would be the perfect young Han Solo for any future movies.

  2. I can’t wait to read about your coverage of ECCC. Thanks for offering the give away!

  3. Thank you for covering the ECCC convention and having the giveaway!

    • I would love to see Jon Bernthal and Norman Reedus. They are great actors and I enjoy The Walking Dead as well as Daredevil.

  4. Looking forward to the coverage since I can’t be there. I’d obviously love to meet Norman Reedus. The iZombie panel sounds great. I’d be most excited to meet Jon Bernthal.

  5. I would love to meet Nathan Fillion (Firefly). That was my favorite show. Just Love Him!!

  6. This looks like an amazing Con. I would most like to meet Nathan Fillion if I was there.

  7. I’d like to meet Robbie Amell. His character on the new X-Files series was an interesting addition. I’m looking forward to your coverage of ECCC.

  8. My birthday is on the 7th ! it would be amazing to win your eccc Giveaway ! GO NERDFU

  9. So bummed I’m not going to ECCC. So many awesome actors and actresses are going to be there. I’d like to meet Robbie Amell and wish him best of luck with his Code 8 project. Check out the Indiegogo page, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/code-8-a-film-from-robbie-stephen-amell#/

  10. I would like to meet Rose McIver.

  11. Have fun at ECCC.

  12. Raymond Cloninger

    Thanks for allowing us the take part in the fun guys!

  13. Raymond Cloninger

    I’d love to meet “Norman Reedus” from TWD. I’ve been watching the show for years now, and he’s one of my favorite. This looks like an awesome con!

  14. I would love to met Norman Reedus. I would like him to sign one of my favorite TWD pops. The one with him on his bike. Hopefully one day, I can make it to ECCC.

  15. Definetly wanna meet Danielle and Robbie from The flash. Jon Berthal from daredevil.

  16. if i could go i would definitely want to meet Norman and Lana Parilla, i think she is absolutely gorgeous.

  17. So jealous of your Funko HQ tour. Have fun and get your nerd on at ECCC. I hope you get to see Jon Bernthal and ask him if he thinks if Shane could take on Negan. (If Shane was still alive at this points, *spoilers*)

  18. Melvin Echols, Jr.

    ECCC is on the bucket list! Enjoy nerds, can’t wait to read all the awesome posts y’all will be posting and all the pics!

  19. I’d like to meet Sean Astin mainly because he played Mikey in the Goonies lol

  20. I’m sad I’m not going to ECCC…. I would love to meet Norman Reedus & Nathan Fillion! Off to stalk your social pages to see the coverage! Have fun!

  21. I would love to meet Nathan Fillion. Sadly I can’t go.

  22. Jolene Campbell

    I Would Love Love Love To Meet To Meet Ron Perlman:)

  23. I’d like to meet Sean Astin. I’ve been a fan since Goonies, Toy Soldiers and Rudy.

  24. I would love to meet Norman Reedus just so I could make my sister jealous.

  25. I am dying to get a Norman Reedus auto — both for his work on The Walking Dead and on The Boondock Saints!

  26. I’d love to go to ECCC someday!

  27. Cool. Have fun at ECCC.

  28. Wish I was going to ECCC, let us know all the best of the ECCC!

  29. Jason B Bennett

    Nathan Fillion, Danielle Panabaker, Melissa Benoist and Jon Bernthal

  30. I’m so sad I can’t go this year. I’m living vicariously through the internet.

  31. Definitely Nathan Fillion I hae been watching him since he played Joey in One Life to Live I love everything he does!

  32. Sure wouldn’t mind meeting Norman Reedus. A fan since Boondock Saints!

  33. Have fun guys and rep the Fu!

  34. I’m jelly that you were able to visit the Funko headquarters! Thanks for sharing guys and have fun!

  35. I wish I lived on the West Coast so I could go to this! This looks amazing and so much fun. I’d love to just meet everybody (especially Norman lol).

  36. I don’t do collectibles and I’ve never been into comics, but I listen to your show every week and actually get excited to hear about those things I don’t really care about! lol Keep up the good work guys.

  37. Man I’d love to make it up to this one day. The same group also hosts Rose City Comic Con in Portland in September, I’m thinking about heading to that one!

  38. Looking at this line up, I’d have to say I’d most like to meet Danielle Panabaker because I think she’s HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  39. Have a great time at ECCC!

    One of these days I would love to meet Nathan Fillion, just because he is an all around great person. I loved him on Firefly and enjoy him on Castle.

  40. Jonathan McClain

    I’m here to meet Nathan Fillion, Norman Reedus, and Rose McIver mainly, since the Supergirl duo had to cancel.

  41. Hope you’re all having a blast!

  42. I would love to meet Sasha Roiz.

  43. Looks awesome, wish I could attend.

  44. There’s a lot there that’s awesome, but I would love to go to the panel with James and Oliver Phelps.

  45. Punisher is who I’d like to meet.

  46. Wish I could go! I’d love to meet Nathan Fillion!

  47. would be cool to hang with Nathan and Norman \m/

  48. Would loooove to meet Nathan Fillion!!! <3

  49. Wish I could be there with you guys!

  50. I’m so jealous. I would have LOVED to meet Jon Bernthal. Y’all better give him praise for his Punisher interpretation.

  51. I would love to meet Norman reedus and sean astin, they both have made up the pop culture of me growing up and hav been great stories for me to keep watching on tv over and over again.

  52. First, Norman Reedus to know who died in The Walking Dead. It could be Glenn, but I feeling that they are going to switch it up. Second, Robbie Amell to congratulate him on getting the funding of the Code8 movie. It looks like it is going to a pretty good film.

  53. Nathan fillian, cause I live and breathe firefly.

  54. I’d love to meet Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson. I love Daredevil and The Mighty Ducks haha

  55. Got my three day pass but couldn’t go. No way to get there from Tacoma… UGH! If I could have gone I would have loved to see Norman Reedus again. Got to meet him a few years ago during ECCC and ZombieCon. Got to know him and Sean Patrick Flannery. Two of the nicest and most fun guys ever!

  56. Hands down Norman Reedus!!!

  57. Looks great too bad I couldn’t be there. Tons of markets and people, would of been fun.

  58. I would love to meet Nathan Fillion!

  59. Nathan Fillion, The Flash and iZombie casts would be my top choices, as well as the Daredevil cast.

  60. Nathan Fillion would be cool and anyone from Izombie.

  61. Looks awesome! Wish I could’ve gone 🙂

  62. Super jelly you guys are at ECCC!!! Hope you guys are having a blast!! Soooo to the burning question, I would love to see and meet Lana Parrilla & Sean Maguire. Who doesn’t love Once Upon a Time’s best love story couple better know as Regina and Robin Hood!! Keep the pictures flowing so we can nerd out vicariously through you guys!!

  63. Bernie Lambrecht

    I’d love to meet Chyler Leigh, the fun folks at Nerd Fu and the wonderful people at Funko, if I were to attend.

  64. It’d be great to meet Sean Astin.

  65. I would love to see Norman and Nathan. Love TWD and Firefly!

  66. My son and daughter saved for over a year to go to see ComicCon to get the exclusives for my sons collection and it was a crazy mess at the funko booth so far both days have been terrible!! they invested in the the early entry and all the things to be sure they could get what they collect….day 2 and still nothing
    very dissapointed and seems to have given up on funko for keeping their word and making sure that all the people can get the things they went for….it was a big joke

    • So sorry to hear that the Funko booth was a sore spot in your ECCC weekend.
      In all fairness, we work closely with Funko and know that they are trying their very best to make the true Funko Fans happy. There are a few things out of their control, but the main reason the lines are so bad is the vendors. Funko has told vendors that they are not supposed to go line up and purchase things, but the vendors borrow regular badges and go over there before the doors open. So long as these people break the rules, there is little that Funko can do to stop them, for now. Funko is actively looking into ways to prevent vendors from ruining it for everyone else.
      We really hope that you found the time to enjoy the rest of the con – there were so many great panels and other awesome vendors and artists in attendance.

  67. Really hoping to win this giveaway. Kind of sad how I worked my butt off for the superman vs batman one and didn’t win..

    • Sorry that the BvS giveaway didn’t go your way, but rest assured that we have many, many more giveaways coming. We have a lot of entries for every giveaway and your odds vary for each one, but if you keep trying in all of our giveaways, who knows… maybe your number will come up one day. We’ve chosen over 50 winners to date and will continue to do so as long as we can. In the mean time, we hope that you will take the time to check out our content and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Our main goal at Nerd Fu is to share cool stuff with you, but that isn’t always in the form of prizes.

  68. I would have love to have gone to ECCC. It would have been awesome to meet Norman Reedus. My friend is going so fingers crossed that she takes a lot of pictures and maybe grabs a few goodies for me 🙂

  69. I’d love to meet the Green Arrow, Stephen Ammell !

  70. Stephen Higgins

    Would be awesome to meet Norman Reedus

  71. Norman Reedus rules!

  72. I would be ecstatic if I ever met Norman Reedus. Have a great time guys!

  73. Man. I wish I could see the flash and supergirl panel

  74. Norman Reedus

  75. Nathan Fillion, so many questions to ask.

  76. I would love to meet Robbie Amell and other people from The Flash’s cast.

  77. I would like to meet Nathan Fillion. I love watching Castle, and of course “Firefly”

  78. Wish I could of went met with Robbie Amell

  79. Such an awesome line up of guests! I’m a Funko Pop collector as well as a regular nerd and the Exclusives at ECCC this year are incredibly Limited. Anyone lucky enough to get a few green Pops will have some pricey items in their collection. I work on the Pop Price Guide and we have seen some insane preorder sales in the past week or so. We do not collect pre sale data but it’s obvious the exclusivity of these Pops has led to people asking for over 10 times the $15 price tag for each one. Good Luck getting some goodies & have a blast!!

  80. Richard Sherman would be cool to meet

  81. I would love to meet Lana Parrilla <3 she's one of my fav from OUAT.

  82. I would love to see Jon Bernthal, I loved him as the Punisher

  83. Kind of envious of all you get to meet and see and do working for FU, having your dream job rules. And having ECCC and other cons as part of your job OMG. Can’t really pick just one I’d love to meet, but #1 very top of my list would be Stan Lee!

  84. I didn’t even have to read the entire list of celebrities when I saw Norman Reedus picture. I LOVE him and would love to meet him. I can’t even say how many times I’ve watched Boondock Saints just because he is in it. I of course love him in TWD too. Yes…that is who I would want to meet.

  85. wish i could go, but of course i don’t live anywhere near that comicon

  86. I would be most excited to meet Norman Reedus.

  87. Matthew Stadtfeld

    You all have a blast for me since I can’t be there! Totally jealous you got to Uber to Funko!

    I would be meeting all of Suoergirl and a The Flash’s cast members!


  88. I love you. Also Bernthal hands down

  89. I wish I could have attended!

  90. I would love to meet Norman Reedus and get an autograph.

  91. I would love to meet Norman Reedus as I am a huge fan!

  92. Rose McIver & David Anders from iZombie. would also love to meet norman reedus

  93. I would love to meet Norman Reedus for sure <3

  94. would love to meet sean astin

  95. I’d love to meet Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire because I love Once Upon a Time.

  96. Oh man, there’s so many I’d love to meet, stupid being in England! Nathan Fillion is a legend, I love Daredevil so Jon Bernthal & Elden Henson would be cool, obviously Norman Reedus, damn you TWD cliffhanger! I also love iZombie, so Rose McIver & David Anders … please invent a teleporter so I can go!

  97. Have fun! Wish I could be there <3 Would love to meet Nathan Fillion ^_^

  98. Japheth Lavender

    I would meet Sean Astin!

  99. Looked like you guys had a blast. Can’t wait to see the next adventure.

  100. One of these years I am going to make it to Emerald City Comicon!!

  101. Nathan Fillion! I’d love to meet him 🙂

  102. I like to meet celebrities that don’t charge for an autograph or to take a photo with.#justsaying

  103. I would love to meet Melissa Benoist & Chyler Leigh to talk to them about their experiences.

  104. Peyton Magnusson

    I would like to meet clare kramer

  105. I’m kind of really sad that I do not live anyway near this! This has a lot of good people!

  106. OMG Lana Parilla is my favorite!! So jealous.

  107. I would like to meet Sean Astin the most!!

  108. You guys rock.

  109. If I went, I’d be sure to try to meet Nathan Fillion, Norman Reedus, and Sean Astin!!!

  110. I need that vault boy pop

  111. I need that vault boy & ursula pop

  112. This is a great con and i only wish i was on the west coast to attend it!

    Some day… (looks off into the double sunset wistfully… )

  113. Michael Foster II

    He may be new on the scene, but Elden Henson seems like a cool guy to ask a few questions about his time on Daredevil. Have to praise his performance for embodying the Punisher.

  114. Nathan Fillion

  115. I would love to meet Lana Parrilla, my lady crush, and Norman Reedus cuz he’s just a badass. Unfortunately I can’t go, but one of these years I will definitely go to emerald city comicon.

  116. I would have loved to meet Sean Astin!! Such a great actor!!

  117. I would love to meet Sean Astin.

  118. I wish I had the time and the money to make it down there. That seems like it is going to be the place to be. I would love to meet Rose McIver and David Anders. iZombie is my show.

  119. Would like to meet Stan Lee. Have been trying to get his John Hancock for a while now.

  120. Norman Reedus…..is there anyone else?

  121. I would so make my friend jealous if I got to meet Norman Reedus. LOL!

  122. I’d like to meet Norman Reedus.

  123. Would love to meet Nathan Fillion.

  124. Jonathan Shoemaker

    Norman Reedus all the way! ^_^

  125. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I would like to meet Nathan Fillion. I’ve liked his work for many years.

  126. Adora McLaughlin

    I would like to meet Sean Astin one day.

  127. I’d like to meet Jonah Hill.

  128. I’m so jealous that y’all get to go to all of these cons! Very glad that I get to live vicariously through the podcast as you tell us the glorious stories of your epic adventures. Hopefully I’ll get to see y’all at some sort of event in Houston sometime soon!

  129. Thanks for the coverage. Wish I could have been there to see Jon Bernthal

  130. It would be awesome to meet Norman Reedus. My wife and I have been binge watching The Walking Dead for the past 2 weeks. Amazing show.

  131. I would love to meet Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson from Daredevil.

  132. i would love to meet Danielle Panabaker.

  133. I wanna meet LeeAnna Vamp!

  134. Id like to meet rob

  135. I’d like to meet Nathan Fillion because Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows.

  136. I’d like to meet Nathan Fillion because Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows.

  137. Nathan Fillion

  138. I wish I could have went!!

  139. i would love to have met Chyler Leigh

  140. Meeting anyone from the Walking Dead cast is always awesome. Norman would be really cool – though I usually go to CC to see the cosplay – that’s my fav part

  141. Nice! Wish I could go!

  142. I would like to meet Nathan Fillion the most!

  143. Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings)

  144. IF I were able to make it to the con, I’d love to meet Norman Reedus the most. Just to have a chance to ask him about the season finale.

  145. I think i would just about die meeting Nathan Fillion.

  146. Melissa benoist for sure 🙂

  147. I would love to meet EVERYONE!

  148. I would love to meet Nathan Fillion

  149. Who I would of loved to meet is a 3 way tie between cast of Izombie, Supergirl, and Daredevil! Too many choices, not enough money!

  150. Did not make itup this year, but would love to win the green.

  151. Edwin Eichelberger

    I would love to go to this

  152. Wish I could go, but things just don’t ever seem to work out.

  153. I went to ECCC and it was awesome!! I got to meet Danielle Panabaker, Robbie Amell, Rose McIver, and David Anders. The line at the Funko booth was too long for me to even try to get any exclusives though . I’ll try again next year!

  154. I would be thankful to go to any comic-con some people don’t know just how fortunate they are to go

  155. I would love to meet Nathan Fillion that would be awesome.

  156. love your blog!

  157. I want to see Norman Reedus. I did get to see him at Wizard World a few years ago but would love to see him again!

  158. Norman Reedus.

  159. Eeeeeek aww I would love to meet Norman Reedus! I go to WSC and other conventions but I have yet to meet him Conventions are the best I swear. Say hi to him from me

  160. Nathan Fillion!!

  161. Nathan Fillion

  162. ‘D love to meet Norman Reedus or Nathan Fillion some day!

  163. I’d love to meet Norman Reedus or Nathan Fillion some day!

  164. I would most like to see Nathan Fillion.

  165. I would make a bee-line to see Nathan Fillion.

  166. I wish to one day visit this con

  167. I would like to see these two amazing dudes! Jon Bernthal & Elden Henson (Daredevil),

  168. This sounds like fun.

  169. Can’t wait to see you guys there!!!!!!!

  170. I would love to meet Mia Goth

  171. I would have loved to be there!!! I am planning and saving to be able to attend for #ECCC in 2017! Hoping to see you guys there next year 🙂

  172. Wanna meet Mark Hamill !!!!

  173. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Would love to meet David Anders. #IZombieObsessed

  174. love it

  175. It would be awesome to meet Sean Astin & Jon Brenthal

  176. I would like to meet Andrew Lincoln. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead.

  177. It’d be amazing to meet Captain Mal Reynolds himself! (Nathan Fillion)

  178. I’d like to meet Kenyan Lonsdale.

  179. Man, I’d have loved to meet Jon Bernthal or Richard Sherman. One of these days I will get to ECCC.

  180. If I went, i’d try to meet Jon Bernthal and Reedus…Nathan too.

  181. I love Rudy! Sean Astin

  182. I’d most love to meet Elden!! Aka Pollux, the adorable Avox of Mockingjay. 😉

  183. All of them would’ve been awesome to meet, but I think Rose McIver would be cool. You don’t see her too much. Besides, iZombie is pretty entertaining.

  184. I would most like to meet Sean Astin, definitely!!! Loved him as Sam in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. ^_^

  185. I’d love to meet Norman Reedus from TWD the most!! would love to take picture and ask for his autograph too

  186. I would have loved to meet Nathan Fillion.

  187. I would love to meet Sean Astin! I have been a fan of his since Goonies! 😀

  188. Want to meet Tom Hiddleston. Couldn’t go to this con though. Crossing my fingers for SDCC

  189. Norman Reedus.

  190. I’d love so much to meet Lana Parrilla and LeeAnna Vamp but unluckily I can’t be there: I’m Italian and that’s too far for me at the moment! ç_ç

  191. Michael Schoettke

    I can´t be there… Bummer. But amazing people and stuff You have there. Hope all people that are there, are having a great time.

  192. i want to meet Jon Bernthal & Elden Henson

  193. I wish I could meet Norman Reedus!

  194. I wish I could meet Norman Reedus

  195. I love the awesome giveaways and all the amazing Nerd News you guys provide!!!!

  196. I am dying to meet Rose McIver, she is incredible in iZombie

  197. I’d love to meet Norman Reedus!

  198. Looks like a good con. Might try to make it next year. Would love to have met Nathan Fillion and Rose McIver

  199. norman reedus duhhhhhhhh would love to meet him!

  200. I really want to meet Norman Reedus (TWD)!

  201. I would love to meet Ashley Eckstein! I love Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels.

  202. Mann I wish I could of seen Norman Reedus!

  203. Sounds awesome, wish I could go to it.

  204. wish I could’ve gone, I’d love to have seen Norman Reedus or Nathan Filion

  205. I’d love to meet Danielle Panabaker!

  206. I would like to meet Nathan Fillion

  207. I would so love to meet Norman Reedus, OMG, I would die of pleasure,

  208. Would love to chat with Sean Astin!

  209. Would love to chat with cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp. I could really use some tips on making my cosplays a lot more spectacular ^^;

  210. I´d like to meet Nathan Fillion ^^

  211. I <3 Rose McIver

  212. Nathan Fillion

  213. I’d love to meet Sean Astin!

  214. This is so cool and awesome that you attended Emerald Comiccon 2016 this year. I hope I go to Emerald Comiccon in the future. I really want to meet Norman Reedus and LeeAnnaVamp. This sounds like a really cool con.

  215. I wanna go to a comiccon so bad. Being a broke ass mofo prevents that from becoming a reality though :(.

  216. Would be awesome to meet Nathan Fillion

  217. I’m a huge fan of LOTR. If I was able to go then I would like to meet Sean Patrick Astin. Such talent and dedication to being an actor. This con looks as though it would be a blast. Thanks for the giveaway too!!!

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