Enamel Pins – My New Addiction

I don’t remember exactly when or where it first hit me, but enamel pins are my new addiction. Honestly, three years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a quality enamel pin of your favorite fandom, but now…. they are popping up everywhere.

From Back to the Future to The Walking Dead (and pretty much everything in between) we’ve watched as our favorite fandoms have made their way into this new genre of collecting. Sometimes they come in simple little plastic bags and others come on awesome, themed card backers. Attend any comic book convention in the country and you’ll see a range of choices, from officially licensed offerings featuring your favorite TV show, movie, comic book character to simple designs featuring the IP (intellectual property) of up-and-coming artists.

Maybe my addiction first really hit me when I had to find a way to organize and show off my Skottie Young pin collection, but that was just the beginning. I’m starting to throw around the words ‘Must Have’ far too often and the collection has taken on a life of it’s own. This is the life of a collector and I know I’m not alone.

For those of you suffering from the same affliction, here are some of my recent favorites. Many are still available for purchase, if you dare.

Click any of the images below for more information!

100 Soft - Enamel Pins
100% Soft – Enamel Pins [Limited Edition]


The Walking Dead - Tee No Evil - Enamel Pins
Tee No Evil has their Zombie Themed enamel pins [Limited Edition]


Street Fighter - Enamel Pins
Street Fighter Enamel Pins from ThinkGeek [Officially-Licensed]


BimToy - Enamel Pins - Tiny Ghost
Tiny Ghost Enamel Pins from BimToy [artist: Reis O’Brien]


Sauced Boys - Bill and Ted's Excellent Phone Booth - Enamel Pin
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Phone Booth [Sauced Boys]


More Pins Coming Soon

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