Firefly Cargo Crate – July 2016 Reveal/Unbox

July’s Firefly Cargo Crate is the third in a line of awesome sub boxes from Loot Crate & QMx. After focusing on Kaylee and Jayne in the first two deliveries, it was time to turn our attention to Zoë.

Zoë Alleyne Washburne, played by the gorgeous Gina Torres on Firefly & Serenity, was a stone cold badass & we hoped that the crate would do her character justice. Did the crate answer the challenge? Ultimately, you have to make the call for yourself, but we have a breakdown of the contents to help you decide.


The Firefly™ Cargo Crate is a mystery subscription service delivering a collection of 5-7 exclusive Firefly collectibles, including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months. Every crate has a $65+ value! The best loot in the Verse — For Browncoats, by Browncoats. Engineered by Quantum Mechanix, Powered by Loot Crate.


At last, we’ve retired and given up our life of crime. So, for our newest voyage into the ‘Verse, we thought we’d try our hand at some thrilling heroics. And who better to lead the charge than Zoë?
Serenity’s tough, laconic first mate deserves a bit more fanfare (but no foofaraw, we promise)! Zoë’s a cunning warrior, a master of stealth and the culinary mastermind behind a new kind of soup….

Let’s play one of our favorite games – WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!!

Firefly - Cargo Crate - July - 2016 - Contents

  1. Zoë Little Damn Heroes Mini Master   EXCLUSIVE
  2. Certificate of Valor: Zoë Alleyne   EXCLUSIVE
  3. Serenity Journal
  4. Firefly Travel Sticker – Hera   EXCLUSIVE
  5. Independents SDCC 2016 Challenge Coin   SDCC EXCLUSIVE
  6. Q-Bit Mini Mystery Figure   (see which one we got below)
  7. ‘Stand Firm’ T-Shirt    EXCLUSIVE
  8. Big Damn Heroes Lapel Pin    EXCLUSIVE

Here is a closer look at the contents of the July Firefly Cargo Crate. Click on any of the images below for a larger version, complete with sharing options.


Ultimately, you get to decide whether or not the Firefly Cargo Crate is SHINY or not. Personally, I love what QMx is doing with Loot Crate. The Mini Master & Q-Bit Mini Mystery Figures are brilliant and I can’t wait to have the entire Firefly collection completed. It was a nice surprise to see the SDCC Exclusive Challenge Coin in the crate as well. I was at SDCC and forgot to pick it up when I was at the QMx booth. Finally – that Journal!! I’m debating whether or not to deface the thing by writing in it. It’s so Shiny!


The next Firefly Cargo Crate theme has been revealed and it is the perfect follow-up to Zoe:



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