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Sick of misplacing your keys, computer, backpack, etc? Honestly, nothing brings on full panic mode like thinking you’ve lost one of these precious items.

So what if there was a tracker that you could place on your valuables that would allow you to keep tabs on their location? You might have seen some of those trackers in the past, but they were boring, bland and didn’t really fit your style. Well search no more (for that item or the perfect tracker) because we’ve found the solution – Foundmi!


Being huge fans of pop culture we decided we’d create a product that appealed to fans, and had great functionality. All you need is a Foundmi tracker and the Foundmi App for iOS or Android. The tracker can be used to reverse track your phone, or you can use your phone to track the keys, tablet, wallet or whatever else you decide to attach it to.

Foundmi currently has two licenses to choose from, featuring a dozen different characters. You can choose from Star Wars (which are actually SOLD OUT) or DC Comics, though we’re guessing more awesome licenses are on the way any time now.

We reached out to the fine folks at Foundmi and they sent us a couple of trackers to test out and review.




Setup and installation of the trackers is beyond easy. It only took a couple of minutes to install the Foundmi app and set up an account. You can tell that user experience was a top priority in the app design and functionality.

FoundMi - App - Install

FoundMi - App - Setup

FoundMi - App - Connected

I connected The Flash (my first tracker) to one of my most prized possessions – my TYLT backpack, or as I like to call it, my Nerd Fu mobile command center. The thought of losing my backpack is nightmare-inducing and I LOVE the idea of keeping tabs on it with more than my eyes.

FoundMi - The Flash - On TYLT Backpack



So, once your Foundmi is installed, what exactly can you do with it? There are a couple of standard features and one ultra-cool bonus feature that I never would have thought of:

  • Alert Your Tracker – Attach a Foundmi tag to anything and instantly find it by sound, using the app’s alert function. When in Bluetooth range, the alert option will cause your tag to emit a loud alarm, allowing you to find it fast.
  • Alert Your Phone – Once Foundmi is paired to your smart phone, you can remotely alert your misplaced phone. Simply double tap the button on your Foundmi tag to sound the alarm on your phone and find it fast.
  • Selfie Mode – The Foundmi device can also be used as a remote selfie button. Select the Selfie mode within the app and double click the button on your tracker to take the perfect selfie.
    ** The image below was taken using the Selfie Mode

Foundmi - Selfie Mode



I’m only on my first day with my Foundmi tracker (The Flash) and I’m about to connect the second tracker (Darth Vader) to my keys, which I misplace far too often. I plan on sharing photos and more review notes as I get more time with these devices. You can follow along on the Nerd Fu Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for updates.



I LOVE this concept and the experience so far! So now I’m just wondering where Foundmi goes next. Here are some thoughts:

  • MORE Licenses – Don’t get me wrong, I love DC and Star Wars, but what about Marvel, Disney, Pokemon, Hello Kitty….. The list goes on and on and I can name about 100 characters that I would love to see as a Foundmi tracker. First order of business – Sulley from Monsters Inc.
  • Limited Edition trackers – Not only are these trackers cool, they also make a really nice collectible. Between the design of the tracker, the packaging and the characters offered, I can see people collecting these as much as using them for their intended purpose. Why not offer up some limited edition figures, variants, or convention exclusives? Hopefully Foundmi will be at a convention near all of us soon.
  • Custom trackers – This is thinking WAY outside the box, but what about a blank tracker and the ability to design and print a sticker that applies to the front to form a custom tracker? I’d love to see our Nerd Fu logo on one of these awesome devices!


Have your own thoughts or maybe some questions about the Foundmi trackers? Leave ’em in the comments below. We love the conversation that goes with awesome new items like this.

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  1. That’s a great little idea. Geek and Tech mashed up together to create a nice little tracker.

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