Friends (Series 2) Pop!s Are Coming From Funko

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Could the second wave of Funko’s Friends Pop!s BE any cuter?! It’s been a while since the first series came out so we’re super excited about the recent announcement from Funko HQ regarding all-new versions of the Central Perk Crew! All of the figures below are incredible renditions of very memorable episodes of the beloved TV show so grabbing them all up for our collection is a must. Pre-order yours now before Joey starts doing lunges or Monica whips you in the eye with her braids!

FRIENDS (Series 2) Pop!s

The hilarious TV sitcom Friends is back as a new wave of Funko Pop! Collect classic fan favorite moments that made us fall in love with the show. Featuring Rachel, Ross, and Chandler from the hilarious 80’s flashback episodes! Check out Phoebe dressed as Supergirl and look for Monica with braids! And could Joey BE wearing anymore clothes?

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Joey - Pop

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Rachel - Pop

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Phoebe - Pop

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Ross - Pop

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Chandler - Pop

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Monica - Pop


FRIENDS (Series 2) Chase and Retail Exclusives

The moment Monica won over Chandler – shown with a Turkey on her head! This Pop! will be available at Target!


Please check back for for a link when it becomes available. See you then!

Funko - Friends - Series 2 - Monica - Target - Exclusive - Pop

Also, look for Monica with her frizzy hair is featured as a CHASE – A rarity of 1-in-6! NOTE: You can click on the Monica Geller CHASE figure below where you’ll be taken to Entertainment Earth to pre-order the figure (with a CHANCE of getting the CHASE version).



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