FU with Friends: TheSuicidefoxx (S3E17)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 3: Episode 17.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

When we’re not bringing you the latest and greatest in Nerdy and Geeky news, we enjoy focusing on our super cool fans! With FU AND FRIENDS, we toss out the normal rules and outline of our regular podcast and make things more conversational. Whether it’s inviting a special guest or two to join us on the show, dedicating the entire podcast to Twitter questions or both – expect nothing but the craziest and tastiest awesomesauce that only Nerd Fu can whip up!

Werd up!


#WerdFu Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans…

@vnilla_gorilla – “Adult comment inbound: If WerdFu previously went down on a Wednesday, but then you switch it to Tuesday.. does it become TerdFu?”

@3beersandamic – “Let me try this again, what’s a Thea-ater?”

@Bosixx4 – “It’s #TeacherAppreciationWeek! Are there any teachers you remember doing an outstanding job?”

@ClintStreaming – “Dudes… I need some #RocketLeague tips… got any?”

@DeLoreanWolfgng – “What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing? At the end of your podcast, you let the music go long, (which I love) but there is a little voice in that song… What is that voice saying?”

@Lopez_josh24 – “If you left your career goals up to your 5 year old self, what would you be?”

@ClintPodcast – “As it is #TeacherAppreciationDay, are there any “teachers” you would like to acknowledge for your awesome podcasting skills?”

@Buttwasted – “I advise checking out @CobraKaiSeries (if you haven’t done so yet).”

@ThaddeusPrime – “If you had the Infinity Gauntlet for a day, what would you do with it.”

@Nightbodega – “What type of external mic do you recommend for a camcorder. Want a casual conversation to be picked up even if the place is noisy, or person talks low. Preferably not a mic that needs to be pointed @ person. Picks up conversation from any angle. Heard battery is a must for mic.”

@CorgiKohmander – “What horror movie would be best suited to be adapted into a musical? What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?”

@KevinLie619 – “IF you had to pick a X-men to make a cameo to help the avengers in the next movie who would you pick. I’d pick rogue.”

@Elmachas – “Who would you cast as Magneto and Professor X for a possible MCU version of the X-Men?”

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