FU with Friends: Twitter Friends (S02E96)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 2: Episode 96.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

When we’re not bringing you the latest and greatest in Nerdy and Geeky news, we enjoy focusing on our super cool fans! With FU AND FRIENDS, we toss out the normal rules and outline of our regular podcast and make things more conversational. Whether it’s inviting a special guest or two to join us on the show, dedicating the entire podcast to Twitter questions or both – expect nothing but the craziest and tastiest awesomesauce that only Nerd Fu can whip up!

Werd up!



#WerdFu Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans…

  • @TheSuicidefoxx – “Who’s the scarier clown: Pennywise, the clown from Poltergeist or Ronald McDonald? You have to stay in one of the following for a month to get $1,000,000, which do you choose: The Bates Motel, The Overlook Hotel or Luigi’s Mansion?”
  • @3beersandamic – “If you owned a boat what would you name it?”
  • @ThaddeusPrime – “What do you think of the new look of Hellboy with David Harbour is new Hellboy?”
  • @DracoAugustus – “What games are you most hyped for from the Nintendo Direct today? Doom was a big surprise and I’m excited for Pokken Tournament.”

  • @Chloesamazshow – “If you can have any toy, what would it be?”

  • @vnilla_gorilla – “Favorite part of Destiny 2 thus far? Thoughts on the new competitive mode supremacy?”

  • @Mark_Searby – “In light of the huge praise for IT, what’s the one horror film you’ll never watch, but are aware of, because you’re too scared?”

  • @AndrewNewland – “What do you do and how do you cope when the internet is out?”

  • @PadrickSalton – “Is Steve in witness protection?”

  • @RealBenFeldman – “Do you guys have a Nerd Fu Destiny clan? If so, what is? Or friend me on Xbox and I’ll go buy Destiny 2 and we will play!”

  • @Adam_Ratliff – “The movie/book IT has ruined clowns for so many. As a kid Arachnophobia made me deathly afraid of spiders. What movie messed you up in real life? @OriginalScuba took a trip to the Sunshine state prior to Irma & @CSSully was here for Star Wars Celebration. What do you like most about Florida?”

Special thanks to Austin Eastciders for their support!

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

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