Funko Hatches New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Pop Figures

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Funko’s very recent announcement of Alien: Covenant Pop!s has us grinning like a certain Xenomorph pictured below. With the film’s release date right around the corner and today being #AlienDay, this day is just getting better and better!

There has only been a handful of Alien-themed Funko Pops up until now so we’re stoked for this new line! Fans will be able to get their hands on David and Daniels in vinyl form but both our outer and inner jaws were on the floor when we saw both of the Xenomorph Pops! The design of the alien is awesome and then on top of that we get a bloody green version too as a GameStop exclusive. Awesomesauce drips from the Hot Topic exclusive as well in the form of a severely wicked Oram with Facehugger Pop with unbelievable detail on the little guy who loves to hug. It’s safe to say that yes, we’re going to need them all please.


Members of the colony ship Covenant are bound for a remote planet; when they arrive, the planet seems too good to be true! Little do they know…

From the upcoming film Alien: Covenant, David, Daniels, Xenomorph and the Neomorph with Toddler are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment! Collect them all this spring!

Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - Neomorph w Toddler

Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - Xenomorph

Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - David

Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - Daniels

ALIEN: COVENANT Retail Exclusives

In addition, look for Oram with Facehugger (Hot Topic Exclusive) and Bloody Xenomorph (GameStop Exclusive)!

Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - Bloody Xenomorph - GameStop - Exclusive


Funko - Pop - Alien Covenant - Oram with Facehugger - Hot Topic - Exclusive

*No link for the Oram with Facehugger Pop! just yet. We’ll update this article when it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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