Game the Right Way with Seagate SSHD

Desktop gamers know every second counts and load lag should never be an issue. If you haven’t already, now is the time to make the switch and take first place all the time and every time with a Seagate SSHD.

Seagate SSHD

The SSHD is going to be your new secret weapon. And just like in gaming, it’s fun to have options. Available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB versions, this new edge will quickly have you wondering where it’s been all your gaming life. Boasting features like the ability to boot Windows 8 in 10 seconds or less and improving overall responsiveness by up to 30% is outstanding. However, if you’re like us then you appreciate one more factor – affordability. That’s another edge you’re going to get with the Seagate SSHD. The company has found the harmonious balance between SSDs and traditional hard drives to develop their solid state hybrid drives. In Seagate’s words:

In reality, what the computer industry needs is a storage technology that provides the capacity and price profile of a hard drive with the performance of an SSD. Seagate solid state hybrid drives(SSHD) deliver it. SSHD technology integrates a small (and very affordable) amount of solid state memory into the core architecture of an HDD to produce an incredible combined benefit: the capacity of a hard drive, speed similar to an SSD and a price that is slightly more than a traditional hard drive.

It sounds so simple and straight forward when you describe it, but the secret sauce at the core of the SSHD platform is sophisticated software that keeps track of frequently used data and stores it in the fast, solid state portion of the system. Seagate is the only hard drive company currently offering an SSHD, and it’s secret sauce is called Adaptive Memory™ technology. The results are impressive, delivering boot times and overall system responsiveness far in excess of systems utilizing traditional hard drives and very near the results of the much more expensive SSD-based systems. – Seagate

Want another cool factor about the Seagate SSHD? Stepping out of desktop gaming for second, why not upgrade your PS4’s factory hard drive with one of these bad boys? The end result will have your Sony rig booting faster, starting games faster, and give you faster loading screens. Plus, the install is a heck of a lot more simpler than you probably think. You can even pick from a 500GB SSHD or go for gold with a 1TB version. Drooling yet?

Get more information and find out where to buy by visiting Seagate and take the first step towards that gaming edge.

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