Gamers Unite! – a Tool for “Non-Gamers”

Are you a Facebook game junkie, regularly getting a fix from Farmville, CoasterVille, Chefville, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, etc. ? Most people wouldn’t consider you a gamer because of this, but with the plethora of addictive games available on the social network, it’s easy for anyone to spend hours (maybe more like tens of hours) a week harvesting, building and simply clicking away at the mouse.

These “non-gamers,” or what I like to call “click gamers” (myself included), spend a great deal of time gaming and asking for help on Facebook.  It’s this last part, an unfortunate requirement in most Facebook games, that drives friends and family nuts and has probably led to quite a few “hide from timeline” clicks.

Thanks to the folks at Gamers Unite!, this doesn’t have to be the case.

What is Gamers Unite!

According to

“Gamers Unite! is a social network game community site where people share their tips or talk about the latest feature or news on their favorite social network games. Our site’s aim is for everybody to help each other to succeed or advance successfully in Facebook games.”

Link Exchange

While sharing tips and tricks might be great, it’s another aspect of the site that really makes it stand out – Link Exchange.  In short, you (the non-gamer) post a link for something you need in a particular game and the site shows that link to other non-gamers.  These other people don’t have to be your friend on Facebook, but they can click on your link and aid you in your mission.

This is a tool that I have been using personally for the last couple of months and I love it!

Link Exchange
Example of the Link Exchange area on Gamers Unite!

Now, there are some limitations to this feature.  Not all games will allow you to share public links that anyone can click on.  The image above shows my requests from CoasterVille, but links from SimCity Social will not work the same, as they require that you already be friends with users before they can click on your links.

In theory, for certain games, you could stop showing these requests to your Facebook friends and family and maybe avoid being blacklisted.

There are many features on GamersUnite!, far too many to list here in one article, so take a look and see what you think. Chances are you’ll be adding this bookmark to your browser before that next “non-gaming” session.

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  1. Nice to read this post, thanks for sharing such an amazing stuff.I like gamers unite since I have known about this site., Gamers unite is the best platform I have ever used to play games. Really, this is the best tool for the non gamer.

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