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Collectors. Funatics. Enthusiasts. Hoarders.  Call us what you will – we like collecting things.  For some of us, it is an obsession.. an itch we just can’t seem to scratch enough.

Personally, I’ve been a collector as far back as I can remember.  By age 7, my closet was lined in Star Wars action figures.  By Junior High I was knee-deep in binders of baseball, football & basketball cards.  In high school and college I moved on to concert tees and tickets.  And now, as an “adult,” I’m back to toys – Funko Pop!’s, Mystery Minis, NECA figures, comic books, Mondo posters, TITANS, itty bittys ….



People often ask to see my collection, but with limited space at home and a growing collection, the room that houses all of these treasures has transformed into more of a closet, with items stacked 10 high and 3 or 4 deep. I REALLY want to show off some of my awesome collectibles, but how?

I started looking for a service where I could post photos and share with my friends, but I realized that I was starting down a path… accepting a mission really.  If I was going to do this, I needed to do it right, so I started looking for a tool that would allow me to do more than just share photos.

    • I needed a service where I could share any of my collectibles, not just one particular company or type.
    • I needed to be part of a community, with like-minded collectors and fans.
    • I needed to be able to sell or trade items and easily add or remove them from inventory.
    • I needed to catalog my “wants” as well as my “haves.”
    • I needed a tool that could work from desktop as well as mobile.
    • I needed the service to be FREE!


A couple months ago, I was introduced to Gemr.  Gemr is a self-proclaimed “social community for collectors, where you can discover, share, buy, sell, trade & show-off your collectibles & other unique items.”  Having used several other systems, apps & websites in the past, I was a little apprehensive.

GEMR - Home

I created a personal account, uploaded a few items and began to root around in the system.  It was looking more and more like the tool I wanted and so much more.  The more I used it, the more I wanted to upload.  And as I returned over the next several days, I noticed that the system was changing.  The team at Gemr was updating the platform, adjusting the tools and even created a dashboard for my collection and interactions.  More on that in “What’s Next for Gemr?” (further down)


I hinted at several of these items above, but what makes Gemr so cool is the detail and depth they have gone to in creating a community.   Sure – you can upload items, but there is so, so much more.

Collections – Think of these like boxes, where you can group similar items to show off, like ours.  We have collections for Funko Pop!’s, Vinylmation, Comic books, Mystery Minis & more.

GEMR - Collections

Clubs – Want to join a group with people who are collecting the same type of items? That’s a club.  Currently there are clubs for Star Wars, Comic Books, Funko (the biggest group on the site), Classic Gaming, HeroClix and more.  More clubs will be added as users build their collections.  We’re hoping to see Mondo and TShirt collections soon.

Dashboard – Your own area in the site – a hub of all your info.  See your stuff, recent activity, your social network on the site and even your progress in the “Quest.”

GEMR - Dashboard


We’ve only really just begun playing with all the options in Gemr and it looks like we are going to be users for a while.  It’s now become a habit to take a photo of our new collectibles for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then immediately log that same image/item into our Gemr account.  After all, we really want to share the cool stuff that we find.

Skeptics: I know what you’re thinking – “Hey Sully – it can’t be all perfect, all the time.  I’ve used others systems that can’t do _____ or _____.”  Maybe you’ve thought – “Those other sites are missing some things I think are important. Does Gemr have ____?”

You’re right.  Gemr is still fairly new and it doesn’t do everything you might want it to.  For instance:

  • The conversations area in clubs is still a bit primitive.  It’s hard to follow the conversation.
  • It’s not easy to build a checklist for items that you are looking for.
  • There aren’t databases or dropdown lists that let you pick items you are adding to your collection.

I’ve spoken with several Gemr team members and they all say the same thing. “Tell us what you don’t like.  Tell us what you want Gemr to do.  You are the user, so tell us what you want.”  Not only have they said it, they’ve backed it up with changes, like the dashboard, that are popping up as we use the system.  They are listening and responding, quickly!  That might be the single-biggest selling point for this entire system.


Now what we need is more Gemr friends.  We need readers & friends like you to create an account and start uploading your items.  And, did we mention that this is all FREE.

We need you to build collections and join clubs so that we have more friends to share with and more awesome stuff to see.

Check out Gemr and let us know what you think.  A few of our friends have already started in the comments below.  And don’t forget to friend us on the site.



About Sully

Co-founder of Nerd Fu. TV and TiVo fanatic, movie buff, collector of Pop!'s, part-time gamer.

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  1. Great write up about Gemr. I started using it and I feel it has become a very useful tool. I now have somewhere to store and track my collection. At the moment, I don’t have anywhere to display my collection so it is all stored away. I plan on using this service to track all of my Gems.

  2. You sold me. I just started using Gemr. It’s a nice way to connect with fellow collectors and browse through their collections. Also a great way to keep track of what you have and are still hunting for. I’m interested to watch the site continue to group…

  3. Outstanding site. I never realized I could use this and oh was I wrong. Love posting and looking at other community members collections, wants, and for sale items. Paypal integration that works seamlessly.

  4. Very cool new site!

  5. The site is very cool though sometimes, errors always occur whenever I logged in. How can I fix this?

  6. Gemr is an interesting site… not sure what I can really do with it at the moment that I can’t do elsewhere. But I will keep posting and see what updates are made to see if I will stick with it or not…

  7. Great idea of a site. However, my PC always slows down when I log in. Also, some bugs when I try to add an item. Couldn’t get it done. I’ll try later. Thanks

  8. awesome stuff folks!

  9. Pretty cool idea, just fix all the glitches please 😛 I would really like to post an item but can’t…

  10. Just started using Gemr. really cool site. Didnt know about it, and glad you made me aware. Now i can share my collection with the world 🙂

  11. Gemr is a really cool site, it gives us the chance to share our collection with the world

  12. I like the diversity of the site to various Collectibles. There seems to be a place for everything and its a cool way to Share my stuff.

  13. I think the concept is awesome but the site tends to be a bit slow. I sometimes can’t get the site to load and I have used different browsers.

  14. I love love love gemr. I like how easy it is to add precious’s to your collection. Its awesome.

  15. Austin Baroudi

    I like the fact that you can show your collections off!!!

  16. I like the idea of gemr but it seems to constantly crash when I try to upload anything. I would love to see more of your collection and have it grouped more.

  17. I would love to see other toys such as KidRobot and where to buy exclusives.

  18. The glitches are a bit much and hopefully they get fixed. Maybe add a feature to sign up with Twitter.

  19. Hey guys! If you could do me a favor and shoot me over a description of any of the glitches that you are coming across on the platform (and what browser / app you’re using when you run into the glitch) I’ll have my engineers get right on top of trying to figure out what’s causing the issue! I want to make sure it’s a solid experience for everyone!

    Thanks for the help!


  20. Cool place to Strut your Stuff

  21. I like being able to share my collection with others and see what everybody else likes to collect. It’s really cool to see the different variety of collectibles out there.

  22. nice way to connect with fellow collectors

  23. I just added my first item to Gemr. I’m looking forward to adding many more and getting social.

  24. Patricia Delgado

    I like the site, it’s like a social media for nerds

  25. Sounds awesome! 🙂

  26. I’m looking forward to checking out more collections

  27. Great writeup, definitely sold it to me and will have to check it out

  28. I just love the whole site! 🙂

  29. Melvin Echols Jr

    Looking forward to seeing what we can do with Gemr!

  30. I love the fact that I can show off my collection on Gemr! I can’t wait to add pictures of it! I also love to look through other people’s collections and Gemr gives me the opportunity to.

  31. I like being part of a cool new site and community of like minded fans of many of the things I’m crazy about 😀

  32. cristianacampos

    love it

  33. at first glance it looks like something I will like, if nothing else just to see everyone else’s collections 🙂

  34. I love seeing other people’s collections!

  35. pretty neat, pinterest for us nerds

  36. Gemr is a pretty cool site. I didn’t know something like this existed for us collectors. I look forward to becoming very involved with it.

  37. I really love using Gemr! Haven’t had time to get into the meaty bits really, but it’s still a fun way to showcase any collection!

    One thing that does bug me, that I’m sure will be added, is the ability to go directly to any of my comments or replies to my comments from the dashboard. Right now it’s pretty vague and just says “So-and-So replied to your comment on blah-blah date,” with the only link to So-and-So’s account. It would be nice to be taken straight to the comment/reply instead of having to root it out.

    Love The Nerd Fu, love Gemr!

  38. Wow! Someone said “Pinterest for us nerds…”. Love this! I’ve found a new home! Thanks NerdFu!

  39. Fees are high for selling, but I guess that’s SOP. Don’t know why I thought gemr would be any different.

  40. Great place to showcase and collections, whether it be games, figurines, model kits, and so forth.
    Would be great if there was a mobile app for taking and upload pictures instead of only using the computer.

  41. any website that allows me to be more aware of what I own will have my heart!

  42. Awesome looking site! I am excited to give it a try! And I know my hubby will be too. Thanks for the review.

  43. Love the site, Gemr is a big plus!

  44. I am new to Gemr, but I think I just might like it. I can’t wait to see what kind of things people have to show off!

  45. Just signed up to Gemr – haven’t added anything. . . just checking it out right now. More of a creeper. .

  46. Pretty cool concept!

  47. Pretty cool so far. Can’t wait to try the app.

  48. Great article about Gemr! I started using it about a month ago, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. But like you said, it’s missing a few things. One thing I’m waiting for is the ability to reorganize items in your collection. I emailed the Gemr team about it, and they responded by saying thanks for the feedback and that they plan on adding that! They really are working to make this the perfect collection place!

  49. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    Just made an account and trying it out, takes a bit of getting use to but I’ll give it a shot 🙂

  50. I love the idea of this!

  51. Michael Hockenson

    Just signed up but its looks pretty cool so far

  52. Darren Bongiovanni

    Never heard of Gemr, but it sounds cool.

  53. I like that people can sell their items as well as show them off. Nice!

  54. Gotta add my pop collection to Gemr!

  55. So far, gemr is confusing me, but I will figure it out! Looking forward to seeing all of the Funko collections!

  56. This is amazing! In love having more ways to connect with fellow collectors besides FB. The layout is awesome as well!

  57. It’s definitely an interesting idea. Ill need to spend more time with it to figure out if I love it or leave it!

  58. Seems to be a interesting website and hopefully worth looking into some more.

  59. its awessome

  60. Criscia ansell

    Love the site. New to it but catching on fast.

  61. Nice site, only wish is that people take nicer photos

  62. It’s a great site to look at others collections.

  63. So far so good, cant wait to see how this turns out in the long run!

  64. Sweet layout and awesome tools!

  65. Atomictrain808

    I like this Gemr things, it’s very interesting and cool!

  66. It’s cool that you can list multiple types of collections. Most only allow collections of a specific type.

  67. I like that Gemr has the ability to group your items into different categories. The only issue is that you have to submit your own pics instead of having a database or checklist to help you keep things organized and up to date.

  68. I like this idea. I never thought to seek something like this out, but now that I see it, I can’t believe I never thought to. I like being able to catalog and organize all my collectibles.

  69. I like everything.

  70. New to Gemr I am already a member of the Marvel Funko site, I love this idea.
    The website is great and I plan to add to my collection right away.

  71. Jesus Rodriguez

    seems interesting gonna try it out

  72. James Dodgshun

    its similar to instagram in the showing off of stuff, but on the other hand the sell and buy feature makes things more interesting. i like it.

  73. I love everything this website has to offer.

  74. Looks good so far. Still trying to figure things out. Bookmarked for reference!

  75. I’d like to see more of a tutorial added. I just joined the website for your giveaway and I’m really not sure what to do with it.


    • Not quite sure what you mean Katie. If you’re saying that people should upload more Doctor Who items from their collection, then we need to get some more people using the system. Tell your friends about the giveaway and get them excited about Gemr. If we all do that, there will be a thriving community in no time.

  77. Just signed up for the site and so far it looks pretty awesome. It was a little unclear how to get myself started but once I looked around I got it pretty quickly. I love that you can show off all your goodies!

    • Glad to hear you figured it out. It took us a little time to get comfortable with it too, but now we are rollin’. We LOVE adding new items and getting those likes and comments from people.

  78. Finally! A website that organizes/curates your collection. I can show off my collection to my friends.

  79. I like that I can do my future collectible “window” shopping on this website. It also helps me prove to those ‘no’ Sayers of collectables that I live with, that others do collect them!

  80. Gemr is a great site that has all the collectibles I can dream of and help people find things I might be willing to part with.

  81. I’m new to GEMR but I really like it, it’s great to be able to show your collection to others. I’m always driving visitors crazy showing off my latest find, not everyone is a proud nerd. I’ve only just started messing around and building my collections. I’d love alerts if someone posts a sale or trade on an item you have on an ‘in search of list’. The clubs will be fun. There may already be one but I’d like to have a moderator or contact info for complaints, I’m not a whiner but I’ve been harassed and had some creepy people that wouldn’t leave me alone in Facebook groups so I left.

    • Yes! More great feedback. We’ll be sure Gemr sees this. Never thought about the moderators. Not something we have had to deal with in the past.
      Thanks for entering and for the comments. Best of luck to ya!!

  82. I like the idea to be able to track my collection but the site could use some work. It loads slow or not at all and takes too long to add all that i have in would be nice be able to select from a database.

    • Good feedback Greg. I know the folks at Gemr are always looking for these types of comments.
      Were you accessing their site on your desktop or mobile device?

  83. Just new to GEMR and I love it. So many collectibles. It’s a real treat to browse everything that people from all over have to offer and just show off. I love this site!

  84. Looks like a great site! I look forward to using it.

  85. I love GEMR. It is fun to use and it is very organized and makes things easy to find and post. I love collecting so this is a site I will be on alot. 🙂

  86. I am just starting to poke around, but I am liking what I am seeing… Not sure if it has a Kindle Friendly app yet, but would love to see that!

  87. all the cool stuff are in the GEMR

  88. This actually seems like a great tool. I collect so many things, nice to have a way to log them

    • Not only is it easy but it’s pretty fun too. Once you get in and start posting your collectibles, you may find yourself getting creative with the photos you take of them!

  89. I love looking at all of the collections people have.

  90. I like that I can show off my collection, shop, and sell all in one place!

  91. Adrienne Kelligan

    I love connecting with other collectors.

  92. Pierre-Luc St-Laurent

    Really nice idea. I’ll use it to document my collection.

  93. I like the website, I would like to see a list of categories 🙂

  94. Hope to see more Horror Pops, like Jason Voohees. 🙂

  95. Angela Peterson

    Gemr and Nerd Fu are AWESOME!

  96. It’s a great site to share what people are collecting. I’ve already seen things on there that I didn’t know were available to collect.

    • Right?! We first noticed GEMR, we went in and poked around a bit. Some of my favorite photos were the ones of the vintage clocks! The way some of them were arranged and the backdrops were had some really cool effects..

  97. I’m pretty stoked about Gemr. This will give me a place to possibly sell some of my artwork!

  98. Interesting and seems like what I am looking for. Site was a little lagging when I signed up but will try again from home PC later.

  99. It’s nice, but I’d love for it to have a database of items so I could easily add to my collection. Especially the image part, since I had to google for images of my items, then save the jpegs, then upload them to gemr. That should be easier to do, especially for people with bigger collections than mine

    • I see what you’re saying Bert. Do you ever think you may take some photos of some of your favs and post them instead of Googling the images? I only ask because for us, part of the cool aspect is that you’re able to do that and put the images you want in there. We appreciate the support and feedback!

  100. Thanks for the intro to Gemr! I like that there is a community of various collectors.

  101. Just found out about Gemr. Going to check it out. Sounds like my cup of tea.

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