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We’ve talked about posters not being just pretty colorful prints on paper. There’s a handful of companies that do way more with them. Grey Matter Art is one that is leading that charge. We’ve been keeping our eye on them for quite some time now and with the images below, we’re sure you can see why. They’ve got some incredibly talented artists behind them like Matt Ferguson and Marko Manev and the arsenal of artwork that’s coming out of Grey Matter Art is sure to make any collector drool.

Here’s a tease they tweeted out very recently:


I HAVE to have that! Looks badass right? There’s more dressing for that wall space you have below. The only tough decision collectors like you and us have is….which one(s) do we pick? Arrghh! Decisions, decisions.


Grey Matter Art is the brainchild of founders Mike Gregory and Jared Dobbs. While Mike takes the role of Creative Director, Jared sits in the Operations Director seat.  So exactly what is Grey Matter Art about? They’re glad you asked:

Founded in New York in 2013, Grey Matter Art is a limited edition, studio licensed film and entertainment poster company with many new and exciting projects on the horizon. We aim to take an industry inspired by pop culture, and reinvent it using the techniques that other companies have made successful, but take them to a new level. Our goal here is to bring our unique brand of creativity to the marketplace for collector’s items such as licensed posters, apparel, and other great merchandise. We also plan to be a very active and open contributor to the community and want to include you (the fan) in this process and know that everyone will have a forum to have their voice heard. In the end, we hope to create something special for the collector not only to enjoy, but to look back on and have fond memories of. Understanding how special these pieces of art are to collectors, we will put the utmost care and professionalism into packaging and shipping your items.

Some Posters That MATTER

Here’s just a little small taste of what’s waiting for you on the Grey Matter Art website. We didn’t want to give away the farm here but in case you were still on the fence about checking them out, the prints below should sway you towards their direction.

** This Note’s For You ** Click an image for buying info, sold out prints may occur, some pieces have various editions… 



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