Han Cholo Jewelry – Fandom Meets Fashion

Not that long, long ago your choices for showing off your favorite fandoms were pretty limited – a T-Shirt, a hat, maybe even a bag or wallet.  Now, with nerd/geek culture making it’s way into the mainstream, it’s getting easier to find gear.  Visit a comic convention in any part of the country and you’ll find clothing, accessories & handmade jewelry to show off your love for just about anything.  But is it quality?  Is it something you really want to wear to work or on a date?


Our friends at Entertainment Earth introduced us to a new line of jewelry (new to us anyway) geared at fans who want to show off their fandom(s) while looking their best.  Han Cholo (love that name) seems to have found the perfect blend of fandom & fashion, with must-have designs featuring iconic brands like Star Wars and Voltron… for now.  Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s only a matter of time before we see a LOT more from Han Cholo.


We were super-stoked to get our hands on some of the Star Wars themed jewelry from Han Cholo.  The photos online were enough to peak our interest, but seeing these in person & feeling the weight of each piece really demonstrates the quality of the Han Cholo jewelry.  We’re talking stainless steel & amazing antique detailing that I’ve never seen before (at least when it comes to geek/nerd themed jewelry).

Of course, we had to share some of our own photos of these awesome pieces from Han Cholo:

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ring

It really doesn’t get any more iconic than Han in Carbonite and the folks at Han Cholo really did this piece of my childhood justice.  Such amazing detail for a ring!

The ring will be here soon and is available for pre-order now in sizes 9, 10 & 11:

Star Wars Stormtrooper Pendant Necklace

This tiny Stormtrooper, complete with Imperial crest, is just the thing to show off a bit of your dark side.  He measures roughly 1 7/8 inches tall and comes with a 30-inch chain.  Again, the detail is amazing and we captured some close up photos to prove it.

The Stormtrooper Pendant Necklace is headed our way later this month & available for pre-order now:



You didn’t think we were gonna hold onto these did you?  Entertainment Earth was nice enough to give us these awesome pieces and now we’re gonna pass them on to two lucky Nerd Fu fans!

Follow the link or click the image below for instructions on how to earn entries for our giveaway.  It’s super easy to enter and we’ll give you plenty of chances to increase your odds of winning.

Star Wars - Han Cholo - Giveaway

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  1. I just love the Han Solo ring. So glad there are so much more nerdy choices for me lately.

  2. I am dyiiinngggg for that ring! I saw this company first at Celebration and I’ve been curious ever since. Thanks for the review!

  3. Star Wars Stormtrooper Pendant Necklace because I see myself wearing the piece

  4. It is so hard to pick! I love them both. Love the ring it would be amazing for my hubby!

  5. I really like the design of the Han Solo ring.

  6. very cool I like these

  7. I think i can get away with wearing the Han Solo ring. Send to me NOW!

  8. Ricardo Pereira (@Ricky02L)

    I like the ring, pretty bad ass

  9. This is pretty sick. Would love to win this !!!

  10. My favorite piece is the ring because it’s a great way to express one’s love of Star Wars without being garish.

  11. DEFINITELY BOTH! But the ring first!! It’s an awesome gift for hubby (shhhhh!)

  12. Just another cool way to show off the iconic image. Crazy how many items you can get to show it off.

  13. The ring is classic, i love it

  14. The carbonite ring! I mean the real question is WHY NOT?! Why wouldn’t you want this ring!!!!

  15. Cool and Awesome

  16. The carbonite right is DEFINITELY the coolest!! The storm trooper necklace is also pretty awesome though. I’m glad people are starting to make good quality nerd jewelry.

  17. That Han Solo ring is nice. It’d be something easy to wear without the kids pulling and tugging at it.

  18. Great idea for jewelry!

  19. King Ice has a great selection of Star Wars as well:


  20. The carbonite ring because it looks amazing

  21. I should be giving the jewelry to my wife but is it wrong that I want the ring for myself? Don’t judge me!!!

  22. Hubs would love love love the ring but I’m partial to the trooper. LOL

  23. I love the ring.

  24. That necklace is amazeballs. want want want!

  25. I would love to have the Han in Carbonite ring, that is amazing looking! 🙂

  26. The Carbonite Ring! Let her have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.

  27. This is so cool!

  28. It’s hard to say which one I like more. The ring of course is just incredible, and iconic. The details in the necklace are amazing. I would have to choose both, light, and dark side.

  29. I really dig that RING, it has such awesome antique detailing and it’s made of stainless steel so my finger won’t turn green, thanks

  30. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    These look awesome

  31. I really love the ring 🙂

  32. ohhhh they are both pretty amazing if I had to choose I would choose both 😉 or the ring because…come on carbonite!

  33. I love both but am more of a necklace girl. Can’t wait to see if they come out with something Chewie.

  34. That is amazing work that I would be proud as a Star Wars fan to wear.

  35. That is so awesome ! Both the necklace and the ring look really cool.
    As always, perfect giveaway ! And everytime, I get excited.. then I remember your giveaways are not international :/

  36. Storm Trooper pendant – not a fan of big rings!

  37. Freakin sweet!!!!

  38. I’d wear that fosho.

  39. I really like the necklace, but honestly, I’m way more likely to wear a necklace than a big ring so of course.

  40. I like the storm trooper necklace because it is epic!

  41. That Han Solo in carbonite ring is awesome! Such an iconic part of the original trilogy!

  42. may the force be with this jewelry

  43. I really like the necklace but the ring is an absolute must have! Awesome designs, I can’t wait to see what else there will be.

  44. I love the ring. When are the Sarlaac Pit cuff links coming out?

  45. Oh! I think they’re both rad! They are statement pieces by far and I can’t choose! I’m very indecisive at the best of times, haha.

  46. As the original Darth Vato I need these in my life #VaderGold

  47. These are FRESH!!!

  48. The Han Solo ring is so badass. I want it!

  49. This is a very cool product. The aesthetics are amazing. Glad to see someone trying something new with our favorite star wars universe.

  50. The Stormtrooper pendant is beyond awesome and I’d love to start working again (after mommy leave) with a new and kick-ass piece of jewelry! 🙂

  51. I totally need this in my life

  52. David Ellenbogen

    Han Cholo are beasts

  53. The Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ring looks really cool!

  54. I like so many but I love the Stormtrooper pendant necklace.

  55. I need the Han Solo ring NAO!

  56. The ring truly is epic!

  57. Really like the ring

  58. soooo dope. it would look so nice next to my pops.

  59. I love rings so the ring is my favorite. I do like the necklace. I would be pleased to own either of these pieces of jewelry.

  60. that ring is the one i am looking for

  61. I really hope that the solo ring fits me when i win.

  62. Love the carbonate Hans ring. Tho I love anything made that’s carbonate Hans. Haha!

  63. definitely sweet bling, lol.

  64. Those are some great pieces of work.

  65. I would definitely choose the storm trooper necklace! The detail on that piece is so far above and beyond fabulous we need to make up a new word… maybe FANabulous? Also with the necklace you could wear it, hang it on the wall, hang it in your car, you could do anything with it! The ring is gorgeous but if you can’t wear it for some reason it wouldn’t have quite as many other uses!

  66. I love the Han Solo carbonite ring. It’s so incredibly awesome & my husband would be so jealous if I had this!

  67. I love the Han Solo ring Differently on my sons Christmas list this year he has told everyone he wants one . thanks for this awesome offer

  68. Always good to see the great products from here!

  69. I absolutely love the Han carbonate ring

  70. That ring is impressive…. Most impressive

  71. I love the ring, because I would definitely wear it. Thank you for the chance!

  72. im all over that carbonite ring.

  73. I love the carbonite ring!

  74. Awesome collection! Han Cholo! Hahaha!

  75. I like the bling bling effect of the stormtrooper and who wouldn’t want a studly trooper hanging from their neck? However, I like the ring the best because it looks like a piece of pop art Americana icon piece that can be passed down from generation to generation. Plus, it’s just bitch’n!

  76. I love the storm trooper necklace but i went on Entertainment Earth and I LOVE the Star Wars Darth Vader Cuff!

  77. I would rock the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ring!!! so cool I love the size and style of it

  78. I like both the necklace and the ring but I’m not sure if I want a stormtrooper hanging on my neck. Also Han beats the empire any day, so that’s definitely my favorite,.

  79. Would almost replace my wedding ring with the Han Cholo one!!

  80. I love the carbonite ring! it reminds me of my childhood and its just bad ass looking!

  81. The Han in Carbonite ring because it is cool

  82. Definitely the ring; never seen anything like it before.

  83. I really like these pieces!

  84. Who doesn’t love a Han Solo carbonized? The ring is pretty sweet, would make a great addition to my cufflinks!

  85. shelley hopkins-rigg

    Omg I adore the R2-D2 pendant! Never seen anything like it! They are all stunning!!

  86. I like the Stormtrooper necklace because it is healthy to embrace your dark side every once in a while.

  87. I like the ring the most of all of the possibilities. They are always great to wear.

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