‘Hannibal’ Cancellation by NBC Leaves a Bad Taste

So apparently, NBC is trying to slowly change it’s name to “RIP”. The latest show casualty to fall is none other than the “Good Doctor” himself – Hannibal. Very, very, very recently  NBC said that Bryan Fuller’s  series Hannibal will have it’s last meal after the third season runs it’s 13-episode course.

And yes, I know these puns could kill. Even that one.

Anyway, as a potential fan of the show – meaning it’s on my list – I really and truly feel for the fans. There’s a lot of you out there. I’ll go ahead and say it….this sucks. It really does seem like NBC is going to eventually become RIP network at this rate. Maybe it was the way they handled Parks and Recreation. Or maybe it was the way they handled Constantine, which I’m still mad at by the way. All I know is that they’re becoming dangerously close to being like FOX. Yeah….them.  But hey, what do I know right? Don’t answer that.

Going back to Hannibal, the real bite-in-the-ass is that fans were really looking forward to the rousing steps being made to introduce Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal to Clarice Starling in the fourth season. Something tells me things were about to get even better if that had been allowed to pass. Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter says what may have been the cause for Hannibal’s last meal (sorry):

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that there may have been a rights issue at the center of the decision to end the series as Fuller had wanted to introduce Clarice Starling in season four, with the rights to the character previously portrayed by Jodie Foster said to be unavailable. Producers Gaumont TV are currently exploring options to find another home for the series.


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