Her Universe and Nerdist Bring Us One Hoodie to Rule Them All

Her Universe is already known for coming up with some of the BEST designs in chic geek wear, some you’ll be able to see at their first fashion show at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Thursday night. Now they have gone an extra step for con attendees. With the help of Nerdist, they have come up with the only con attire you really would ever need. Okay maybe undergarments are a must too. Maybe. The Ultimate Convention Hoodie will be unveiled at SDCC and immediately landed in the upper echelon of our “must have” list while here.

Here are the reasons your friends will be jealous of this hoodie:

On the front..

  • (left side) sleeve pocket
  • secondary inner pocket w/hidden hole for earbuds
  • (right side) trick pocket (just sounds cool doesn’t it?)
  • sliver clip – badge holder

On the side..

  • water bottle pocket

On the back..

  • (2) poster tube pockets (ninja style!)
  • comic book pocket




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  1. Love the hoodie. Perfect for con-goers!

  2. the pockets for the posters is hands down one of the best ideas I have ever seen.

  3. Cassie Wangerin

    The “ninja style” poster tub pockets are clever. I would need this hoodie if I was going to a Comic Con

  4. I actually enjoy very much the hoodies from this years COmic-COn but there were to expensive, still I bought my Rocket Raccoon and star lord hoodie, same as avengers and guardians of the galaxy lanyards

    • Yes they were a bit pricey IMO but at least you got to grab a few! I liked the Winter Soldier hoodie but didn’t get around to getting it. Maybe it’ll pop up online somewhere down the road. At least the Nerdist one will be on their online store when it opens…..

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