High Fidelity – An Art Book by Joey Spiotto

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Now, one of our favorite artists/friends has launched a new Kickstarter project that we consider both news & NEED. Joey Spiotto (aka Jo3bot) just launched his latest pop-culture inspired art book High Fidelity and it looks amazing. Much like his previous Kickstarter (that we featured here on the Nerd Fu blog), we hope this will be a HUGE success.

High Fidelity - Album Art - Examples


In 2010 I created what would become the first print in the long running print series “High Fidelity” for Gallery 1988‘s world famous annual “Crazy 4 Cult” gallery show. While looking for inspiration I took a trip to Disneyland and while riding “It’s a Small World” an idea came to me… What if I recreated a vintage style children’s vinyl record cover based off of one of my favorite TV shows. That’s the inspiration behind “River Tam & The Fireflies”, the print that kicked off what would become the “High Fidelity” series.

Over the years, Joey has turned some of his favorite movies, television shows and video games into vintage vinyl record album art and now, with your help, he hopes to bring all of that amazing artwork together in one book.

High Fidelity - Kickstarter - Hip To Be Square

High Fidelity – An Art Book will be possible IF Joey’s Kickstarter gets funded. Fans everywhere will finally have the chance to collect all of his album art in one awesome book, just like he did with Storytime. Pledges start at just $30 and there are tons of options to help support Joey and his project. And IF (let’s be honest… when) he reaches those stretch goals the book will get some major upgrades, like a hard cover, dust jacket and maybe even an increase in overall size.



Hey kids. There is a whole section on the official Kickstarter page, but the short answer is – money. Self-publishing a book can get crazy expensive and there is no guarantee that Joey would ever get his money back. If we support him by pre-purchasing the book (pledging to back him on Kickstarter), we make sure that he gets the project completed and doesn’t lose money in the process.

Kickstarter provides the freedom and flexibility to make the book that we want. I had such a great experience with my first Kickstarter, that it was a no-brainer to come back again. I hope you’ll join me on this project.

High Fidelity - Strange Things - Friends Don't Lie


Don’t wait. If you’ve ever had a dream to create something, you know how important this is to Joey, and we can all help him realize his dream. Follow the link below and pledge now to help make this awesome book a reality. All of the artwork is already created and, if funded, this project will get made pretty quickly. The art speaks for itself, right?!

We can’t wait to get our copies in!


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