Sorry Android But iPhone Cases Are Still the Coolest

When it comes to our iPhone cases, you can say that we are somewhat fond of them. Some of us like to make our phones look and feel like an extension of ourselves. And for Apple users like yours truly, nothing gets the job done more than a sweet, out of control case! We’ve gathered some of the best fandom-inspired cases out there for this little report. While most of these say  “the hell with pant pockets”, all are sure to turn heads when you answer that incoming call. Or at least that pretend call.



1)  You made an iPhone case…..out of a DeLorean?

DeLorean iPhone 6 Case


That’s right. The number one pick out comes out of Hill Valley (not really). Bonus: needs no plutonium.  Take a look at the specs:

Molded in the shape of the car, the DeLorean iPhone Case is done in exact detail, iterating the double exhaust at the back, the folding hover-wheels, and even the illuminated bumper. The case also features a moveable part to conceal and protect the iPhone camera. Designed specifically for the iPhone 6.  $50

Via Hypebeast

2)  For the Bruce Wayne that has everything.

Tim Burton's Batmobile iPhone 6 Case

Just like a certain Time Machine case, this one has waved “bye bye” to pant pockets long ago.  And that’s okay with us. When your cell phone case looks like this, it belongs out there in front of the public. You know……fighting crime and such. The specs:

..Comes with built-in LED lighting, a projector on the back that shines the Batman logo on a wall, a faux utility belt covering the iPhone 6’s home button, and pop-out front wheels for access to the phone’s camera lens.  $50

Via Gizmodo

3)  Because retro gaming never gets old.

Sega Genesis iPhone 5 and 5s Cases

This retro game console-inspired case generates all kinds of feels inside us. Just try not to hook it up to your TV. Now where’s the Jaguar and Neo-Geo  console cases at? Product specs:

Classic 3D gaming style in the palm of your hand, SEGA  Genesis System replica design, Quick and easy access to all iPhone 5/5s features, Fits all iPhone 5/5s phones, not compatible with iPhone 5c, and SEGA Genesis System custom Screen Protector at no additional charge!  $14.45

Via Amazon


4)  Thank you Stark Industries.

Iron Man - Mark VII iPhone Case

There so many cool design aspects about this case that even though it’s for the old iPhone, we’re not going to hold that against this Mark VII case. That LED arc reactor is a perfect example! Get the lowdown:

This Stunning iPhone 5 / 5s Iron Man Mark VII Protective Back Case with white LED reflector for Iron Man Power Light and Opening Shoulder Camera Cover!  $11

Via Amazon

5)  And finally….an iPhone case that’s not too scruffy-looking.


Whenever you think you’re having a bad day, just remember it could be worse. You could be frozen in carbonite. Now that’s a bad day for anybody! On the brightside, everyone’s favorite nerd herder can now be yours. Forever. Because no one’s coming to thaw this Solo out! More specs:

Each Han in Carbonite iPhone 5S Case wraps your phone in soft rubber. Its one piece design is made to go easy on, and features a molded Han Solo. That’s right, this isn’t just a printed image of the extra-chilly Han, it’s actually molded.   $20

Via ThinkGeek

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