iPhone Won’t Stay Quiet? Send in the Mutator.

There’s nothing worse than being somewhere like a movie theater and having your phone go off and everyone hearing your Thundercats theme song ringtone play. Loudly. We’ve all been there right? Okay….moving on…

I know I know, you could’ve sworn you turned off your ringer, set it to vibrate, muted all the sounds, blah blah blah. But every once in a while we think that we’ve made that adjustment only to be “reminded” that our phone isn’t silenced. I’m sure some of you reading this will probably think “duh….just turn your phone O-F-F. Case closed.” Right? Maybe. However, social rules and reality say we’re not gonna do it. Especially not while an amazing little device called the Mutator is out there. Now you can yell at Siri all you want for not understanding you and she can’t talk back. Take that Siri.

Release the Mutator!

So what exactly is this big deal in a small package? Well, for starters it’s your gateway to a worry free (when you need it most) audio-silenced way of life. No more guessing whether or not all your ringtones and alerts are hushed. The Mutator takes the guess work out of that. This little wonder, developed by Ron Adair, sports a super low-profile pyramid design and utilizes your phone’s headphone jack to make your phone go 100% silent. So how does it work? Well, you could ask Ron to see the schematics, charts, and blueprints that he used to create it, but just in case that doesn’t work here’s how you operate it. Simply plug it in your phone and when you need absolute silence, give it a little 90° twist (you’ll feel a nice tactile click) and you’re good to go. Ready for noise? Just twist again. It’s that simple. And we like simple.


***Silence comes in colors: Be sure to check out the different colors that are available in the different pledge brackets, including the limited edition “Kickstarter-green.”

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