Iron Man 3: The Good, the Bad, and the “Are You Kidding Me!?”

**SPOLIER ALERT** (if you haven’t see the movie, watch it, relax, then come back and read)


“You’ll…..never…..see……..coming.” Yup BK, you can say that again. Here at the NerdFu dojo, its true…….we didn’t see that coming. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess nor did anyone else for that matter. Those of you who are reading this know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Iron Man 3 is here and making big box office dollars by the truckload. But this Mandarin twist……it’s almost like Shane Black looked at the final episode of Lost and was like “I can’t wait to pull that stunt!” And yes, I know Black gave us Lethal Weapon and he basically owns the buddy-cop genre BUT…..there were times while watching this movie that I thought: “okay…okay….tap the ‘joke’ brake just a little.” Pretty much the same thought I had watching the last Die Hard flick.




All weekend long we’ve been reading what fans, critics, forums, and threads have said about one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year and it does lean, just a little, to one side. And its not the good side. That being said, there are a lot of things I loved about this movie. We get to see RDJ outside the suit more and impressing us with the excellent acting chops we already know he has. The Pepper/Tony relationship has matured even more and we see that even Mr. Stark is not immune to being stressed out. Pepper also gives true fanboys a little glimpse of Rescue which was pretty sweet. Don Cheadle gets more Iron Patriot screen time and he delivers every time. Have I mentioned more Iron Man suits? A lot more Iron Man suits to be exact. Which brings me to my only other “grinding teeth” moment….

 RDJ_iron man


The part at the end, the moment myself and a lot of other fans were anxious to see was Stark’s cavalry of suits. It was a super fun roller coaster of explosions and effects, albeit a blurry one, but fun just the same. I just really wished Shane Black and Marvel would’ve given the different suits more screen time or even just focused on several of them. But its cool. I will be seeing it several more times and I’m going to make it a point to see it on IMAX for sure! According to Yahoo! Movies, the box office numbers have reached a little over $175 million which puts it right behind the superhero phenomenon The Avengers for the biggest opening weekend. So what did you think Iron fans? Did you love it or were your arms folded the whole time?? Leave a message with JARVIS below!

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