itty bittys – Hallmark Brings us The Next Big Thing

At the beginning of February, I was tripping through Instagram and landed on an image that caught me by surprise.  The image, shown below, was filled with a bunch of tiny plush toys that I had never seen before, including a Sulley (from Monsters Inc.).  That immediately drew me in and I wanted to know more, so I started researching and I think I’ve stumbled onto the next big thing.

itty bittys FROM HALLMARK

As it turns out, these new tiny plush toys are called itty bittys (perfect name) and they are available exclusively through Hallmark stores.  From the Hallmark website:

We’ve picked some of the most iconic characters from film, comics and television and given them a new look that’s totally sweet and unique. Their small stature makes them perfect for collecting and just right for pairing with a greeting card or stashing in a backpack, holiday stocking or Easter basket.

Update 10-09-15 Here’s the initial image that I saw on Instagram and the reason that I quickly made my way to the nearest Hallmark store here in downtown Houston The original image that I found on Instagram is no longer available, but here is one of the promo images that originally caught my attention.


The line launched sometime at the end of 2013, following a preview of the new toys at D23.  As you can see from the image above, Hallmark came out swinging, with licenses from Disney, DC Comics, Monsters Inc, The Wizard of OZ, Rudolph and Star Wars (though some of the figures won’t be released until later in the year).

MY FIRST itty bittys

As I mentioned above, I HAD to check these out in person and I quickly made the decision to pick up on a few of the figures.  The first week of February there was a really big selection of figures, including my Sulley, Batman and many, many more.

click the images below for larger, high-res versions


After getting home with my new plush pals, I decided I better research to see what was else out there.  Surely Hallmark thought of making some limited run variants or exclusives, right?

It turns out I was correct.  Hallmark had worked with Disney to put out a D23 exclusive Sorcerer Mickey earlier in 2013.  I wasted no time and picked up one of these as well.  I mean, who wouldn’t want the first exclusive figure of a new line of toys.

With a little more web hunting I found that Hallmark also had some limited run exclusives that they were carrying in their stores, including Goofy, Pluto, a valentine’s Mickey and a valentine’s Minnie.


Stay tuned and follow along.  I’ll certainly be picking up more of the itty bittys as they are released and sharing the information I find here on Nerd Fu, on Facebook, on Instagram, etc.

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  1. Can i buy from México city?
    I want the wizard of oz kit but i dont know if it can be sheeped


    • Sorry – we are not a retailer. You’ll need to check with Hallmark (official website or a store). I bet they would ship to Mexico City, but I don’t know if there are any stores in Mexico City. Good luck to you.

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