J.J. Abrams Is No ‘Stranger’ When It Comes To Knowing How To Wet Our Appetites

If you heard a low buzz today and couldn’t quite figure out what it was, let me help. Earlier today the always cryptic J.J. Abrams released a very quick teaser for Bad Robot’s new project. The trailer, dubbed ‘The Stranger’, has gathered quite a number of opening bids on what it exactly is.

It starts out with a starry sky at night while in the background you hear a few piano bars reminiscent of Lost and man’s narration. You continue to hear this as you see a beach with the surf going back and forth and a man who looks like was dropped in the water (or swam) reaches the shore. He stumbles a bit and then begins to undue the bindings that are around his wrists. We never really see his face though we do see he has stringy, long dark hair. As his images fades, a new images comes into focus of a rather sinister looking pale man……….with his lips sewn shut. I know….crazy.

But then that’s how Abrams wants us, in the palm of his hand and crazy. When I first watched it, I was looking for some sort of Star Wars reveal but then after a few more times, I thought “no way, too soon.”  Still, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll be some sort of viral web ad-campaign for this in the way that Cloverfield and Super 8 took over.

There’s no shortage of speculation in the Ether either. Plenty of moans and groans have been displayed over the J.J “hype-machine”, while those in favor love a good Lost riddle. Of course the big umbrella theory is that this IS a Star Wars teaser in classic J.J. fashion. But others choose to suspend the obvious and go other routes. Entertaintment Weekly has some guesses on what it could be such as Abrams new upcoming NBC series ‘Believe’ which sounds interesting, while some make some intriguing guesses on Deadline.com’s site. Among these, words like ‘Aquaman’ and ‘The Crow reboot’ get tossed around. All I know is that Abrams’ name is synonymous with ‘hype’ and if anyone can keep the chumming the water to keep the frenzy alive, it’s him.


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