Jada Toys – SDCC 2016 Exclusives

We were only recently introduced to Jada Toys and their METALS Dies Cast figures. With licenses like Ghostbusters, Batman v Superman, TMNT & Suicide Squad, they are quickly becoming some of our favorite collectibles. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Jada also has also teased figures for the Power Rangers, Guardians of the Galaxy, WWE and more Avengers figures coming soon.

We were hoping to see an announcement from Jada Toys about their San Diego Comic-Con plans for this year and guess what fans – it is here!


Jada Toys will be at SDCC with all of their heavy duty die cast METALS figures on display in Hall D at booth #3746.

Stop by not only to see the ever expanding line up of METALS figures, brands and die cast toys, but also to pick up our two amazing San Diego Comic Con exclusives! Each exclusive is a 2-pack of bare 4” metal deco figures. Set one celebrates the upcoming DC Comics film Suicide Squad with an exclusive Bare Metals Harley Quinn and Joker. Set two is ready for Captain America: Civil War with Iron Man and Cap; also in their bare metal deco.

Both sets are $30.00 each; or SHOW SPECIAL!~ Get both sets at SDCC for only $50.00!!!

Also at the Jada Toys booth you will have the chance to meet with the talented toy designers, packaging creators and marketing folks who help bring the METALS line to life. You’ll get a sneak peak at some upcoming figures revealed at SDCC for the very first time!

Oh, and don’t forget to take a selfie with their amazing Harley Quinn METALS statue. She may be a little big to bring home, but certainly worth posting an image to celebrate your time in San Diego. Hashtag with #Metals_Diecast on all social media!



Post show both sets will be available at individual prices at Hot Topic stores nationwide (but without the exclusive SDCC sticker on the front). Wherever you choose to pick up your JADA convention figures, you are in for a real treat! Each figure weighs in at almost ½ lbs. each! That means each set give you almost a full pound of awesome pop culture die cast toy goodness that just can’t be beat.

UPDATE Added 8/03/16: 

Both the Marvel Captain America: Civil War & Suicide Squad Metals 2-Pack 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive Sets are online and available for purchase from Hot Topic.
**Notice the “Summer Convention Exclusive” Stickers

Jada - Metals - Civil War - Summer Convention Exclusive


Jada - Metals - Suicide Squad - Summer Convention Exclusive


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  1. Picked up the Joker and Harley from SDCC. Did yall checkout what they have coming down the road??? I wanted to buy everything they had displayed! I even gave a shout out to the FU.

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