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We recently introduced Nerd Fu readers to Gemr, the social community for collectors, and many of you checked out the service for yourself.  Collectors, like us, have been uploading items, creating collections and building out their Gemr profile with all kinds of awesome collectibles like Funko Pop!’s, Mondo posters, Vinylmations, Mystery Minis, etc.

For those of you who haven’t created your own Gemr account, what’s the hold up?  You’re missing out and we don’t want you to wait another second.  Enter our “Join the Club” Prize Pack Giveaway now for your chance to win some awesome prizes.

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One lucky winner will receive this collection of prizes, made up of some of the same types of items that we have in our Gemr collections.  It’s a great start for any newbie or it can take an existing collection to the next level.  The prize pack includes:

Funko Pop!’s

  • (1) E-3PO Star Wars Funko Pop! – 2015 Galactic Convention Exclusive
  • (1) Slimer Ghostbusters Funko Pop! – 2014 SDCC Exclusive
  • (1) Harley Quinn DC Funko Pop! – Hot Topic Pre-Release Exclusive
  • (1) Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Funko Pop! – Pancho Variant
    ** While this Daryl Pop! may not have an exclusive sticker, it is rare and completed eBay listings show that it sells for $50 and up!
    *** Some box damage with this Pop!

Funko Mystery Minis

  • (2) The Walking Dead Mystery Minis
  • (2) DC Universe Mystery Minis

Skottie Young Variant Comic

  • (1) Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 comic book with Skottie Young Variant Cover



We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win 20+ extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there will most likely be some extra entries just for subscribers
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!



In the spirit of full disclosure, we want you to know that Gemr is not paying for this giveaway and they did not provide any of the prizes shown above.  They are however compensating us for new users that sign up on their website.

Any information provided to us for the purpose of entering this contest will NOT be provided to any third parties. Any information provided to Gemr at the time you sign up for their services is subject to their policies.

About Sully

Co-founder of Nerd Fu. TV and TiVo fanatic, movie buff, collector of Pop!'s, part-time gamer.

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  1. I had a lot of issues using the site–wouldn’t even let me log in on Chrome, and then when tried to add an item using IE, it just seemed to hang after I clicked to add the item. It would be nice if they had a list of POPs to choose from with pictures and descriptions already there (like–it’s a lot of work to type in info for each one and find/add a picture.

    • Good feedback Kyle. We’ve talked with Gemr about that very thing (selecting from a list) and it sounds like we can look forward to that in future versions of the tool.
      Gemr is always asking for feedback so they can make changes. If you get a minute, visit and look for the feedback option.

      • grats. you breaked it. – every time I try to add anything 🙁 So the adventure with Gemr starts with no luck 🙁

        • Hey Patrycja,

          Were you trying to upload via the web? If so, what browser are you using and what is your username on the site? This hasn’t been happening too often, but when it does we are trying to figure out why!



  2. I can’t add anything. It says I keep breaking it.

  3. Same problem. I couldn’t add any items which is so frustrating. I don’t know why.

  4. So many collector sites, so little time LOL Item added, will have to make time to add more later on.

  5. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I’m really feeling this Gemr! A “one-stop shop” to showcase, buy, and sell. Awesome!

  7. pretty cool.. its like pinterest for us nerds

  8. Awesome giveaway…thanks for the chance. So want to win!
    Candace & Padfoot
    Geek Girl Geekgasm

  9. Ashley Gervais

    Hmm it worked for me from my mobile! I just don’t see what the advantages to using it over something like pintrest. I would rather sell on eBay or within communities.

  10. Gotta love collecting!

  11. There are so many things I want to collect!!

  12. laurie damrose

    More cartoon charachters!

  13. vickie Couturier

    im new so I dont have a opiinion about what needs to change

  14. Not quite sure what to change yet. Still feeling it out.

  15. There are so many things I want to collect here

  16. victoria pagac

    unable to add stuff was gonnna use it to show off autographs

  17. Criscia ansell

    Awesome giveaway Good luck everyone

  18. No problems here added stuff took few min to upload though

  19. it won’t give me a code

    • Referring to the code from our newsletter? You would have to be a subscriber before that Friday. No worries though, we MIGHT be sending out another secret code this Friday.
      Make sure you subscribe before then.

  20. Atomictrain808

    BTW Fellow Nerds! It’s my Birftay! Whooooo!

  21. Jennifer Phillips

    Don’t have any critiques of GEMR yet. I just started on there and need to use it a bit more to have any real thoughts about it. But it looks like it is a great place for collectors! A lot better than skimming through instagram to find others with similar likes. I think I will enjoy it quite a bit.

  22. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thanks to you I learned about Gemr. Started the journey. Still trying to figure out what and how 😀 But it looks interesting 🙂

  24. Oh man, glad to see you guys continue to grow and give back! This contest is pretty awesome!

  25. It’s a pretty cool site but it keeps saying I broke it …I see I’m not the only one with this issue

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