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From a badass killing walkers on The Walking Dead to a badass killing the scum of Hell’s Kitchen on Daredevil, actor Jon Bernthal has quickly become one of our favorite actors! The actor’s presence cannot only be felt on the small screen though. Fury and Snitch gave fans a chance to see what Bernthal could do on the big screen as well. He nailed both roles.

So when we heard that Jon Bernthal would be attending Emerald City Comicon, we knew that was one panel we had to make, no matter what.

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His panel was amazing! Seeing and hearing him on stage granted us the opportunity to really get into the conversation from a fan’s perspective. Bernthal talked about what it was like being on Daredevil and of course talked a little about his time on TWD. He carries a gracious attitude for being on both shows and has tremendous love and respect for all of his co-stars. One very incredible insight into Jon Bernthal that we learned was how exactly he got into acting in the first place.

Check out some of our highlights from his panel below –

Moderator Clare Kramer: “Did you use any of your own life to help bring Frank Castle to life?”                                     Jon Bernthal: “I mean….as a husband and father…I understand him. You can’t begin to understand what it would mean to lose all that. It’s not really about judging him, whether you believe in his methods or you don’t  believe in his methods, it’s understanding his position.”

CK: (On being Shane on The Walking Dead) “Did you have any knowledge of Shane in TWD comics?”                               JB: “No I didn’t. I sat down, read and enjoyed the comics until I read Shane dies and I was like “SHIT!”

Fan question: “What do you think about Shane and Rick and Shane’s relationship?”                                                       JB: “I loved what Frank Darabont did with Rick and Shane’s relationship. I love Shane. I’m genuinely so grateful for that opportunity and it was such a huge honor for me to get that opportunity. It means so much to me get to play that character. I’m just so grateful.

Fan question: “Do you still talk to any of the cast from TWD?”                                                                                                   JB: “Oh yeah….I love ’em all! I just saw Norman Reedus and man…I love Norman! I also just saw Sarah Wayne Callies and had dinner with her. I miss her. Those guys are like my family.

CK: “Back to Daredevil….there are some huge fight scenes in the show. How hard is it to prepare for?”                           JB: “It’s one of the best things about the show right?! The problem comes down to scheduling really. If you’re doing a fight scene in a movie you have like….2 months to get it, a scene, down. But with TV you have get it right that day.”

CK: ” Did anyone ever get hurt?”                                                                                                                                                           JB: (He smiles and the audience cheers, wanting details) “Well I mean… know. Shit happens..(he laughs).

CK: (About Marvel’s Civil War) “What do you think about Tom Holland being Spider-Man?”                                              JB: “I gotta say as a young man, he’s so wise and so genuine. He’s a good kind, unbelievable blue-collar actor. I love that guy and I think hes gonna crush that part!”  

**Bernthal announces he’s neither Team Cap nor Team Iron Man. He’s Team Spidey.**

CK: “How did you fall in love with acting?”                                                                                                                                       JB: (After a little hesitation and a sly grin) “Okay look. I was kinda messed up when I was younger. I was a kid who was always finding himself in trouble. I went to school and I played sports….( he laughs) man this is a long answer to a short ass question. Anyway there was an acting class I took in school. One time everyone was supposed to bring something to class to tell story [as a project]. There’s was one chick who pulls out a Blues Traveler CD then started talking all sad about her boyfriend. She started tearing up. Everyone in class was going around telling their stories. I knew I was going to baseball practice after school and I had my mitt. So I launched into this story about my mitt because I forgot to bring something to class. I made up this story about how my mom passed away but before she died she had given me this glove and it was special to me. By the time I was done, I looked around and everyone had tears in their eyes and was crying! I was too! The teacher pulled dismissed everyone and kept me after and reamed me for what I did because she knew I was lying. But……she made me audition for an upcoming part because she said I had a gift.

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