Last Emperor – Tee No Evil’s New Shirt Design

Hold onto your throwing stars everyone……Tee No Evil is treating Nerd Fu fans to something special. Yes….YOU!!

The creative Te brothers are taking a little detour away from their fantastic zombie-themed shirts and giving someone out of the ordinary the spotlight on their newest design. After they showed us this a few weeks ago, it became even more clear that these guys can do no wrong with it comes to providing great designs that we’re more than willing to stamp “Nerd Fu Approved!”


Designed by Master of the Artistic Ways himself, Francis Te, “Last Emperor” gives a nod to possibly one of the greatest villains of all time! Bless his heart…..he never stops trying and that’s why we love him! One day maybe he’ll get those pesky Turtles and their little Master too!

The busy leader always has his hands full: robbery, arms
dealing and assassination. What many people don’t know is his true love
for martial arts.  Next time you’re in NYC, make sure to check out his

Shred-Jitsu Dojo

We’ve been informed that this unique tee will be available today only and then it will vanish quickly into the night. It is up for sale at Tee No Evil’s website exclusively for Nerd Fu fans! Once you’re at the site, be sure to use the special promo code “Saki” for 20% off which can be used on all the shirts, not just this one.

But don’t wait. Like we said, after today it’s gone baby gone (as well as the promo code) and then will only be debuted at the Long Beach Comic Expo happening this weekend. So if you’ll be in the LBC, make sure to stop by and pick one up and tell the guys hi. Not going to the LBC or able to get one today? The guys did mention that if any stock of the new design is left, they’ll put them on their site sometime next week, In other words…….go ahead and get it now! Why wait? Use that promo code and embrace the villain inside!

ABOUT Tee No Evil

We’re big fans of Tee No Evil and have been since we first found out about them on Kickstarter.

Quality is our #1 priority and that’s the reason we chose ringspun shirts. The comfortable shirts are thick, ring-spun and 100% cotton.  The shirts are tagless to avoid the itch on the back of your neck.  Oh, did we mention that each shirt will have a custom printed label?

Tee No Evil stands by their original promise and we were really impressed by their quality and packaging.

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