Legion of Collectors – September – WOMEN OF DC Reveal

The latest Legion of Collectors subscription box, themed ‘Women of DC,’ has arrived. We couldn’t wait to break open the box and get our first look at the next installment from Funko & DC… so we didn’t. For once, we got to see the contents in person, BEFORE other fans were able to spoil the loot on Instagram and Twitter.

But enough about us unlocking that achievement. You’re here for one reason and we shouldn’t delay any longer. Are you ready to find out What’s in the BOX?!!


Legion of Collectors - July - Suicide Squad - Inside - Level 1The Legion of Collectors, much like the other Funko subscription boxes, is not just a “box of stuff.”  You can tell that Funko & DC really spent time thinking about the “experience” a user would have in opening the box and discovering their new-found treasure, starting with something as simple as opening the lid.

Inside the box top, you’ll find a unique Patch and Pin. Both are super high quality and ready for your jean jacket OR display. SIDE NOTE: We finally found a great way to display our Patches & Pins!

The top level is awesome, but that’s just the appetizer. For the main course, you’ve got to dig a little deeper.

Legion of Collectors - September - Women of DC - Numbers

  1. Batgirl #35 – Pop!-ified Exclusive Cover
  2. Hawkgirl Funko Pop! – Exclusive
  3. Heroines T-Shirt  **Some boxes received the alternate Villains T-Shirt
  4. LOC Pin – Harley Quinn
  5. LOC Patch – Batgirl
  6. Wonder Woman & Invisible Jet Action Figure Set

Another big WIN for the Legion of Collectors and fans! Once again, I LOVED the contents of the box. Of course, the Funko Pop! is my favorite item, but that Wonder Woman/Invisible Jet action figure set is amazing. It’s awesome that the artists at Funko get to try new and unique things with the figures. But let’s not overlook the other great exclusives – the T-Shirt and the Comic Book. That comic book cover is Legen….. wait for it….. Dary.



How about a closer look at the items included in the latest Legion of Collectors. Click on any of the images below to open up a larger version of the image, complete with sharing tools so you can post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Also included in the September Legion of Collectors is another one of the “content cards” that Funko has been inserting in their sub boxes. I LOVE these cards and the “behind the scenes” information on the items included.

Legion of Collectors - Women of DC - Content Card

More on DC Legion of Collectors

The next Legion of Collectors box theme has been announced and it is Batman Villains!

Have you been waiting to subscribe to the Legion of Collectors box?  If you’re still undecided, you can get more details on the subscription and follow along for future reveals and information at any of the following.



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  1. Looks awesome! Are you going to post a photo of the Hawkgirl POP?

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