LH Redux – TeeNoEvil’s New Shirt Design

Your zombie ambassadors have done it again.

The dynamic duo of creativity are about to launch one of their most beautifully graphic and violent designs yet. And for those of you attending WonderCon 2014, you’ll have exclusive access to this newest design before anyone else!

Our friends at TeeNoEvil have been cranking out sweet design after bloody design like Savior and Loyal Pet since 2013 and you can bet they’re just getting started!


“LH Redux” by Francis Te (co-founder of TeeNoEvil) gives you an awesome glimpse of the evolution of decapitation using one of man’s most artistic instruments – the sword! The fact that you can first get this at WonderCon this year just makes it that much more alluring.

“Exclusively debuting at WonderCon 2014, LH Redux captures the Samurai spirit and the agony of a zombie apocalypse.  The shirt will only be available at Tee No Evil’s booth in AA-015.”


Once again, LH Redux will go on sale only at WonderCon this weekend – from 4/18 to 4/20. After that? Well….keep your fingers crossed, because the brothers have informed us that IF any are left afterwards they’ll be available on their website.


We’re big fans of TeeNoEvil.com and have been since we first found out about them on Kickstarter.

Quality is our #1 priority and that’s the reason we chose ringspun shirts. The comfortable shirts are thick, ring-spun and 100% cotton.  The shirts are tagless to avoid the itch on the back of your neck.  Oh, did we mention that each shirt will have a custom printed label?

TeeNoEvil stands by their original promise and we were really impressed by their quality and packaging.

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