McFarlane Toys Does It Again with the ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Limited Edition Blu-ray Set

With each season of The Walking Dead, you can always count on certain things. You’ll want Rick to shave, the mid-season cliffhanger will have you yelling at the television like a crazed fan (which you are), and that McFarlane Toys will release an amazingly detailed collector’s edition Blu-ray set that have hardcore fans and collectors alike foaming at the mouth. Season 4 will be no different.

While called a “prototype” for now, the above image depicts the box case that was displayed recently at Toy Fair and will probably be pretty close to what we see at release time. The main focus is on the “Tree Walker” from the episode called “Isolation” and as you can see, McFarlane nailed it again. There is no sale date or price just yet but sources say we may see this in June with a price tag of around $150 (similar to the other McFarlane Blu-ray limited edition sets).

The Tree Walker, as first seen in “Isolation” may not initially seem to have the movable parts or fluid of last year’s set, but it does straggle that gross/beautiful line perfectly. And it holds a surprise: as you remove the Blu-rays from the folder, the walker’s arm and head reach towards you, only returning back in place when you return the discs.


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  1. How do I order one of these? Need it for a birthday gift.
    The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Limited Edition Blu-ray Set

    • Sources say we may be able to expect this in June. I haven’t seen any pre-order links yet but we’ll update the article as soon as something concrete hits the scene! Keep an eye on us…..^Steve

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