Meet Microsoft’s Newest Xbox Controllers

If you’re still playing with that boring old black factory controller whilst you get your Xbox on, then Microsoft’s new Xbox controllers are here to set you free.

While these new controllers don’t exactly sport a unique name like “Shadow”, they nonetheless will definitely add some flare to your gaming. The red controller is available now while the green/orange color combination has a release date of January 24th and is ready for pre-order. Both of the new Xbox controllers can be found at the Microsoft Store, however the red can also be found at GameStop while the green/orange combo will appear at Walmart. No word yet on other retailers but one could assume that other stores will carry them since neither controller carries an “Exclusive Only At……” sticker. We’ll keep our eyes open.

The Controllers

For the most part both of the newly colored Xbox controllers function in an identical fashion. Both are wireless (thank goodness), compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox One S, able to use a compatible headset using a 3.5mm stereo jack, feature the new textured grip, have an improved wireless range and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Fans that favorite the ability of custom button mapping will rejoice as this feature was also included in the new controllers.




The colors are obviously the big difference but we think it’s important to highlight a few certain aspects. The red controller pictured above sports a two-tone red and almost a maroon-like matte finish that looks super clean. Gloss highlights are detailed in the D-pad, triggers and behind the thumbsticks. Someone say Star Wars Imperial Royal Guard?

As for the green/orange controller that’s about to be released, we think this colorway is even cooler than the red. Namely because that orange just POPS! You get that military two-tone green finish with gloss accents on the D-pad, triggers and behind the thumbsticks – and that’s where the magic happens. There’s a burst of a bright, glossy orange that peeks out behind each thumbstick. If you’ve ever wondered what Master Chief games with, this would be the answer we’re sure.



So what’s the price for bringing a little color into your life with the new Xbox controllers? Each one will run you $65. It’s not a bad price to get something that stands out a little more than just black or white. The price tag is only around $5 more than your normal black controller and cheaper than other special editions like the Elite, Gears of War, or Shadow models. If you’ve ever played around with Microsoft’s Design Lab (and who hasn’t?), you may find a little relief with these controllers as they are not only around $20 cheaper, but certain accents like these can’t be replicated with the Design Lab.

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