Meet the Fizz Kids by Carbonation Toys

Recently, your favorite Texas nerds took a trip to Dallas for one of the coolest Lone Star State Conventions – Fan Expo. While we were there, we saw plenty of fantastic cosplay, great celebrity panels, and of course….plenty of ways to spend money.Tons of vendors were out in full force with their different wares: everything from shirts to toys to weapons could be found. However, one booth in particular grabbed our attention. On that day, we meet the Fizz Kids.


Fizz Kids by Carbonation Toys is a joint venture between father and son team Tom and Trent – who by the way, are incredibly kind individuals. We stopped at their both and noticed these figures that had soda cans (or what looked like soda cans) next to each of them. As we got closer, we noticed that cans weren’t really soda cans at all, they just looked like that. Enter the guy they call Trent. He quickly stepped up and gave us a quick spin around the Fizz Kids booth and started telling us about these wonderfully detailed and fun little vinyl figures.


The look of the Fizz Kids has a nod of retro taste and which is equally noticeable in the paint schemes which we love! Sully and I learned that painstaking detail, attention, and love further contribute to the look and feel of the Fizz Kids to make sure that quality comes across as a top factor for Carbonation Toys’ first line. And about those soda cans? Well, turns out that the cans are the packaging! Enter the man known as Tom (Sr.). I learned from Mr. Tom that not only is the essence of the “kids” captured in their little vinyl bodies, but also in the soda cans they call their homes. He informed me that the “soda can packaging” is just as important because they help complete the story of each figure. When you look at the soda can, you’ll see whimsical detail for the name of that character but you’ll also get a little background story in lieu of the ingredients!

And how’s this for an added bonus: Mr. Tom personally takes care of meticulously packaging all the orders that come in. Outstanding Sir.


You have to meet these little guys! At just $16 each, we had to grab a few for ourselves to enjoy our new favorite con collectible! We chose Cranked Cola and Vicious Dog on the first day. The second day had me going back to see Trent and Tom for Zombie Juice. I just had to get him too! It was not getting all of them but with luck, we’ll see them again soon at another con. Click each of the Fizz Kids below to see buying information or click here.


So now you’ve met the Fizz Kids by Carbonation Toys. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to follow Fizz Kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And as I mentioned before, IF you happen to see these guys, grab one, two, or all six if these awesome little vinyl guys. We heard from a little birdie that this first run is limited and once they’re gone, no more of this first line will be made. And then it’s on to Wave 2!

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