Michael Returns for Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’

When Supernatural returns for it’s 13th season on October 12th, fans are going to an unfamiliar face in a familiar role. The Archangel Michael (played by Jake Abel in season 5) is set to return in the show’s upcoming season but he may be unrecognizable to Supernatural diehards.

For fans that may need a quick refresher on the Michael, here’s the short version: Around the middle of the show’s run, we learn that the Winchesters have a half-brother named Adam Milligan (also played by Jake Abel) who becomes a vessel for the Archangel Michael when Michael is unable to use Dean as a vessel. An epic showdown (and one of the show’s best episodes) goes down and Michael, Adam and Lucifer end up being locked in the cage together…..for a long time. Until now.

In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, the above photo shows what a new version of Michael (this time played by Christian Keyes) will look like. Here’s what showrunner Andrew Dabb had to say regarding the new look:

The Michael of apocalypse world is the victor. He’s a very different character than the one we met even in season 5. He’s Genghis Khan. He’s been through the wars. He’s conquered the world.

Look for Supernatural’s return to The CW on October 12th.

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