Michael Rooker – Comicpalooza 2016 [PHOTOS]

Michael Rooker made the trip down to Houston’s Comicpalooza for his fans and he certainly didn’t disappoint. The TV & Movie Star knows how to make an entrance and that is just what he did when he took the stage for a Q&A at the convention.

After a little ribbing of his “moderator” Ming Chen (AMC’s Comic Book Men), Rooker finally came out on stage to show us some self defense tactics. Yeah – that’s how it started. During his panel he was on stage, in the crowd and even on the floor for a while. His panel was far from typical but the audience (myself included) had a great time.

Here are some photos from the panel. Click on any image for a larger version, complete with sharing options


A few minutes into the panel, while Rooker was performing this self defense drills with Ming Chen, I noticed that he had on some awesome custom Reeboks. Luckily, another fan asked about them during the panel and Rooker gave us a good look at his Yondu custom sneakers, created by Alzado Company Custom hand Illustrated Shoes.


The Q&A during the panel was all Michael. He took the microphone out into the audience and went from fan to fan as they asked questions. We didn’t record the entire panel, but here are a few of our favorite moments”

  • Rooker was actually in Houston on Saturday, left to fly to Atlanta for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wrap-party and then flew back to be at Comicpalooza on Sunday! Now that is dedication to the fans. He said he was amazed how different people looked when they were dressed up for the wrap-party. “You’ve seen this person for three months straight, but then all of the sudden you’re like ‘Wow – I ain’t never seen her like that before.’ Some people really dress up well.”
  • One fan asked “Who’s the funniest person behind camera – you or Norman?” Rooker replied “Norman is way funnier and a way better person than I am. I’m not a great person.”
  • “What’s it like to have Kevin Smith as a boss?” asked another fan – “KEVIN SMITH AIN’T THE BOSS OF ME!!” He screamed, and then laughed.
  • FAN: “What’s your favorite stunt scene – Have you done any of your own stunts?” – ROOKER: “Ha, Ha, Ha – I Don’t Do Stunts!”
  • FAN: “Can you tell us anything about Guardians 2?” – ROOKER: “I’m Blue!”
  • Ming Chen said that Kevin Smith doesn’t want to do Mallards 2 as a movie anymore. “He wants to turn it into a TV show.” He turned to Rooker and said “Would you do that? He wants to do like 10 episodes.” ROOKER: “Does he have any money for that?”

If you are a fan of Michael Rooker, I HIGHLY recommend that you make it out to one of his panels. It was a great and VERY memorable time.


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