Mondo Announcement: Gremlins by Jessica Seamans

Collectors in the screen printed poster game – prepare yourself for a new holiday classic.

No amount of water or sunlight is gonna keep us from getting our hands on one of these amazing new posters from Mondo and artist Jessica Seamans.  Well, there is the matter of the checkout process.  That could slow us down a little.

GREMLINS by Jessica Seamans On Sale Info!

Here’s what Jessica had to say about the print:
“Naturally, I was thrilled to be asked to do a poster for Gremlins – who wouldn’t be? And then, when I actually started working on it, my excitement transformed into intimidation and dread. I knew I wanted to show the great movie theater scene, but how to fill the page with what is is essentially the same face over and over without being totally monotonous and boring? Also, the lighting was really complex, as here I am trying to convey a dark room lit from both the front and the back. Yikes! But, ultimately it was a really fun challenge and I learned some things that I think will make me a better illustrator and printer. Too bad my brain fell out of my head four or five times in the process.”

Mondo - Gremlins by Jessica Seamans


Artist: Jessica Seamans

Size: 24″ x 18″

Print Run: 225

Printed By: Landline

Price: $40

On Sale Date: Friday, December 11th

For information on purchasing this poster, you’ll need to follow Mondo on Twitter and be on the lookout for the “On Sale” tweet sometime during the day on December 11th.  These are sure to be a hit, like pretty much every Mondo poster, so your trigger finger better be ready to go.

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